Best Wool Blanket Reviews 2022

On nights that get freezing cold, you need a wool blanket with its heat-retaining ability to keep you comfortable and toasty. As with all useful products, there are numerous options to choose from, which makes buying a wool blanket a confusing task. Since you’re reading this, your case is different. We have done all the work sifting those options and have come up with five of the best wool blankets from brands you can trust. Note that these brands have other variants available if you don’t find one that suits you among the products we reviewed.
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Wool Content
Our Top Choice
Woolrich Cavalry Wool Blanket
Since 1830, Woolrich has been making and selling durable woolen fabrics that cater to your comfort and suit your style.
The warmth and comfort you get from this Civil War-type blanket are soothing. Its color and design make it even more attractive.
This blanket would be perfect if it was big enough to wrap around a queen-size bed.
Bordered; navy
66 x 80 inches
Hand wash or dry clean
Best Value
Disana Wollen Baby Blanket
For over 30 years, Disana has been dedicated to producing fabrics which are natural and eco-friendly. They are the founders of International Association of Natural Textiles
Beautifully knitted baby blanket. Lightweight, cuddly and ideal for any season. Merino wool naturally balances body temperatures
Only 31.5 x 40 inches -- may not be ideal if you are looking for something to fit a standard sized crib.
Knitted; 2 colors
31.5 x 40 inches
Organic Merino wool
By hand with gentle soap
Highland Feather Merino Wool Blanket
Since 1990, Highland Feather has been a leading manufacturer of a wide range of down products and bed linen.
This solid color wool blanket has plush fibers to provide warmth, and is well-finished with silk tailored to its edges.
We came across a few reports that this blanket sheds a lot.
Smooth finish; 2 colors
Available in 3 sizes
Virgin Merino wool
Professional dry clean
Rothco Wool Rescue Blanket
Since 1953, Rothco has been a leading supplier of top-quality survival, outdoor, tactical, and military products that outperform your needs.
This wool blanket is built tough to endure even the harshest of use and will give you adequate warmth in cold weather.
There are some reports that this blanket has a chemical smell to it.
Brushed; gray
60 X 80 inches
Machine wash
Stansport Wool Blanket
Stansport is a popular supplier of quality camping and outdoor items, such as bags and packs, camp shelters, and camp furniture.
The blanket's size and weight provide protection in the cold. It can also be used together with sleeping bags.
There are some complaints that the blanket is itchy.
Brushed; gray
60 x 8 inches
Wool blend
Dry clean only

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What is the Best Wool Blanket?

Now that you know your wool blankets and have decided on the features that are critical to you, you are already halfway to making a great choice. You just need to go ahead and read our review of individual brands and products while keeping those features in mind. You should find it easy to decide on the best wool blanket for you, and at an affordable price.
Our Top Choice
The Woolrich Cavalry Wool Blanket is made with a blend of wool and nylon. It sports a distinctive navy background with brick border stripes, and has selvage edges. If you would like a similar quality blanket but with a different design, go for the Woolrich Civil War Gettysburg Wool Blanket, which is gray with black stripes.

Woolrich Civil War Navy Cavalry 66 x 80 Inch Wool Blanket

An immigrant from England, John Rich, opened his woolen mill in 1830 and started Woolrich by selling woolen fabrics, socks, and coverlets to lumber camps and farms. As time passed and business grew, Woolrich began expanding beyond blankets and coverlets into outfits that provide woolen comfort and still meet fashion standards. Woolrich now has a wide range of woolen products and is still committed to the high standards it maintained over a century ago.

The Woolrich Cavalry Wool Blanket is a great way to experience a good blend of comfort and style. This queen-sized wool and nylon blanket will give you a cozy hug whenever you need it. Its navy background with contrasting brick border stripes will make you feel well-dressed just wrapping this blanket around you. It has over-seamed ends and selvage edges to show how well made it is. This blanket is recommended for hand washing or dry cleaning only.

The following are some other products available from Woolrich:
  • Woolrich Artillery Blanket – A blend of 85% wool and 15% nylon that's queen-sized, and red in color. It is recommended to be hand washed or dry cleaned only
  • Woolrich Hudson Bay 6 Point Blanket – A 90 x 100-inch blanket loomed in England. It's six-point woven. It is recommended to be dry cleaned only and is available in four colors
  • Woolrich Civil War Fort Sumter Blanket – A blend of wool and nylon with over-seamed edges; comes in beige color
Best Value
The Disana Wollen Baby Blanket is made of 100% Organic Merino wool and is certified by the Global Organic Textile Standard. It measures 31.5 x 40 inches, which is perfect for small babies and infants. If you need a bigger one, Disana also has another great product -- the 100% Merino Boiled Wool Baby Blanket which measures 55 x40 inches, and is fits most standard cribs.

Disana 100% Organic Merino Wool Baby Blanket – Made in Germany, Available in 2 Colors

Disana is a family-owned brand founded over 30 years ago with the goal to mass produce baby and children’s textiles made of pure, natural fabrics. Disana understands just how sensitive and delicate a baby’s skin is and for this reason, they ensure the health of young ones by only using organic cottons, organic wools and silk in their products -- right down to the buttons and threads they use.

Second on our list is Disana Wollen Baby Blanket. Made in Germany, it’s constructed from super soft organic merino wool and is perfect for swaddling a newborn, cuddling, playing, sleeping or even as a lovely gift for a baby shower. It measures 31.5 x 40 inches which is great for bassinets, car seats or any time where you don’t want a larger crib-sized baby blanket.

Here are some of the features that make this Wollen Baby Blanket a beautifully knitted masterpiece.
  • It provides young ones with a greater feeling of warmth and safety
  • It is super soft and lightweight yet very durable
  • It is cozy and warm, yet also regulates the temperature of the young one
  • Features a patented cellular weave, which makes them very breathable
  • Allows easy cleaning as it’s machine washable
This particular blanket is available in hazelnut or natural, but if you want different colors, or a different size, Disana has other wool blankets, as well as ones made from other natural materials.
The Highland Feather Wool Blanket is made with 100% virgin Merino wool, which is famed for its extra-long fibers that give a smoother finish and a softer feel. If you want a down blanket from this brand, try the Highland Feather Ferrara Down Blanket, which is available in five colors and three sizes.

Highland Feather 100% Virgin Merino Wool Blanket – Available in 2 Colors and 3 Sizes

Highland Feather Manufacturing Inc was founded in 1990 and operates out of Canada. It embarks on extensive research and uses top materials for making its down products and bedding accessories. It builds its reputation by paying attention to details and customer feedback, which it uses to provide comfort and value to its customers through its products.

The Highland Feather Wool Blanket sports the long, soft fibers of Merino wool in its 100% virgin glory, giving you a soothing cuddle you will not want to get out of. This blanket has a beautiful finish, with its edges well-tailored with a matching silk accent.

If you have a large bed, or you just want something big enough to wrap around you twice, this plush blanket comes in twin, queen, and king sizes. For those who love warm colors, you can also get this blanket in linen and ivory shades.
The Rothco Wool Rescue Blanket is fire-retardant, which makes it ideal for emergency or everyday use. If you would like a similarly tough blanket with stripes, check out the Rothco European Surplus Style Wool Blanket, which is a military replica.

Rothco Grey 50% Wool Rescue Blanket

Rothco was founded in 1953 as a family-owned business. The fact that it supplies the military with its products is proof of its superior quality and performance. Rothco has over 10,000 dealers all over the world, making its valuable products available to all outdoor lovers.

The Rothco Wool Rescue Blanket is a blend of 70% wool and 30% synthetic materials. It is designed for the toughest and roughest conditions, which makes it ideal for camping and other outdoor activities. It is fire-retardant and is suitable for emergency or regular use. As tough as this blanket is, it is comfortable and will give you warmth. It is well-tested for quality and durability.

The following are other products available from Rothco:
  • Rothco Olive Drab 70% Wool Blanket – Made with authentic virgin wool and has "U.S." inscribed on it
  • Rothco Swiss-Style Wool Blanket – Made with a blend of wool and synthetic wool material and is fire-retardant
  • Rothco OD US Army- Style Wool Blanket – Solid gray color blanket that is built tough yet comfortable and will provide adequate warmth against cold
  • Rothco Wool Blanket – Made with soft virgin wool fabric which makes it comfortable. The fibers in the blanket make it fire retardant
The Stansport Wool Blanket is a 60 x 80-inch blanket made with a blend of wool, polyester, and viscose. This makes it water-repellent and lets it retain heat to keep you warm. If you would like a sleeping bag along with this blanket, consider the Stansport Emergency Survival Sleeping Bag, which is waterproof and windproof.

Stansport Heavy Weight Wool Blanket – Available in 2 colors

Stansport is a manufacturer of quality and durable items you need for camping and other fun outdoor activities. It focuses on allowing its customers to enjoy all there is in the outdoors, with a wide range of products that encompass everything you might need for camping and experiencing the great outdoors.

The Stansport Wool Blanket is a versatile blanket that can provide emergency protection during cold weather. It can be wrapped around a sleeping bag, and can be used as ground cover in a tent. It is made with a blend of 55% wool, 20% polyester, and 25% viscose. It has a dimension of 60 x 80 inches and weighs four pounds, making it big and heavy enough to provide adequate warmth.

How Do I Choose the Best Wool Blanket?

When the temperature is lower than usual and the cold is beginning to bite into your skin, it is ideal to find warmth and get comfortable. In some cases, bed sheets won’t provide the adequate protection you need. At such times, wool blankets are ideal to keep you comfortable and toasty because of their heat retention capability. Wool blankets are versatile, as they can be used at home on mattresses or outdoors with sleeping bags.

The best wool blankets feel comfortable and provide adequate warmth against cold. They come in different sizes and designs that suit your needs and style, and are made with quality natural wool. For those who want natural wool but have synthetic budgets, there are lots of wool blankets that are blends of natural wool and synthetic materials in different proportions. They'll still give you all the nice benefits you can expect from a wool blanket.
The main factors that determine the prices of wool blankets are the wool types used and the size of the blanket. We all want the best quality natural wool blankets on the shelf, but our budgets often happen to be quite synthetic. In that case, we have to make tradeoffs and settle for the best quality we can get at a comfortable price. The high-end fine wool blanket in king size will cost about $300, while an inexpensive one that is still comfy and durable will cost you around $20.

We came across some cheap wool blankets that have nothing to offer. They are made with substandard materials that are not comfortable to use, and will start falling apart after the first wash.
There are times where the prevailing temperature isn’t favorable, and it is crucial to get adequate protection at those times. A wool blanket is a great way to get protection from cold weather, and it keeps you feeling warm and comfy. There are certain things to look for when getting a wool blanket. and we have highlighted some of them below:
  • Size
  • Design
  • Wool type
  • Composition
  • Care
These factors differentiate one wool blanket from another. As you read on, you will understand how these features affect the performance of wool blankets, which will help you in making your best choice.
Construction and Design
When shopping for a wool blanket, it is essential to know how it will be used. Wool blankets come in various sizes, and the one you choose should depend on your needs. The most common sizes available are the twin, queen, and king sizes. You can select the size according to your bed. If you will be using it outdoors, your size selection might depend on how many people would use it at a time, or what you intend on using it for.

The type of wool used in making the blanket has a lot, if not everything, to do with the quality of the blanket. There are different types of wool used for making blankets. The wool could come from lamb, angora or cashmere goats, sheep, llamas, or alpacas, depending on where the blanket is made. If you want the highest quality wool blankets, you should look for those rich in natural fibers such as Merino wool, but you should be ready to pay the price.

There are also wool blankets that will give you the comfort and durability you desire, but that are made with a blend of natural wool and other synthetic materials. The composition of the wool in these blends of materials affects the efficacy of the resulting wool blanket. Some brands blend other materials with natural wool in different proportions to make the blanket more resistant to water, or fire-retardant, both of which are great advantages for any wool blanket. It is common to find wool blankets with compositions such as 80% wool/20% nylon, 50% alpaca wool/50% sheep wool, or 70% wool/30% acrylic. These combinations create different benefits in the resulting blankets.
Performance and Ease of Use
Almost every product can qualify as a fashion accessory, as long as it can be worn and other people can see it. That is why even wool blankets are designed to look good. Wool blankets are designed in different styles, either according to the region they originated from or the events in which they are used. You will find wool blankets styled after English, Irish, Australian, and Middle Eastern traditions. Some others are designed as replicas of the ones issued during wars, and there are blankets designed for travelers and campers. Whatever your aesthetic preference, you can find a wool blanket design that will suit you.

Caring for your wool blanket is another important thing to look at. What is good for one wool blanket might turn out to be bad for another. Check your product to see the manufacturer’s suggested care. There are wool blankets that are recommended only for dry cleaning. There are others that can be washed only with cold water and mild detergent and should not be heat dried. For the longevity of your wool blanket, it is important to find out the best way to care for it.

Get the Best Wool Blanket of 2022!

Great work! Now that you have come to the end of our review, we hope you have made up your mind on the best wool blanket for you. What else are you waiting for? Go make that buy.

Our Top Choice
Woolrich Cavalry Wool Blanket
Best Value
Disana Wollen Baby Blanket
Highland Feather Merino Wool Blanket
Rothco Wool Rescue Blanket
Stansport Wool Blanket