Best World Globe Reviews 2022

Whether for educational purposes or decorative, world globes are now a popular product. As with most high-demand products, there are almost too many options to choose from. Since you’re reading this, you don’t share that problem anymore. We’ve sifted through those options and have come up with 5 of the best world globes available, made by trusted brands. As you go through them, remember that these brands have other variants of world globes you can check out. That is, in the rare case none of the featured products meet your needs.
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Our Top Choice
Oregon Scientific Smart Globe
Since 1989, Oregon Scientific has been manufacturing science-oriented products that not only enlighten you, but beautify your space.
The smart pen that comes with this globe lets your kids interact with the globe and access tons of information that will keep them engaged for hours.
There’s an isolated complaint that the touch pen doesn’t work well.
Electronic; desktop
16.2 x 13.2 x 13" / 4.1lbs
Plays sounds and information
Best Value
Ravensburger 3D Earth Puzzleball
Ravensburger is a major manufacturer of children’s books, craft items, games, and puzzles in general and country-specific designs.
This Earth puzzle ball offers hours of fun and educating entertainment. It gives them a sense of accomplishment on completing the challenge.
There’s an isolated complaint that the metallic stand is a bit flimsy.
10.4 x 10.3 x 3.2" / 1.7lbs
540-piece puzzle
Replogle Globes Illuminated Globe
Replogle Globes is a leading manufacturer of high-quality and accurately detailed world globes that educate you and make for fine décor.
This Lancaster globe is illuminated from the inside, which further beautifies this already well-accented piece of art.
There are isolated complaints that one might need a magnifying glass to navigate the map.
Floor standing
18 x 18 x 35" / 21lbs
Toscano Italian Replica Globe Bar
Since 1990, Toscano has been the go-to for premium statues, historical, and antique replicas which are a striking detailed copy of the original.
This vintage-designed globe can store drinks and glass cups inside it and underneath, and is easily moved around on its rolling casters.
There’s a limit to the bottle height it can accommodate.
Floor standing
16th Century Italian
22.1 x 22.1 x 38.6" / 20.9lbs
Used as glass storage
TEDCO Inflatable World Globe
For many years, TEDCO has been taking boundaries off the imagination of children with its numerous engaging and educative toys.
This inflatable globe has a 20-inch diameter which invariably makes it a big globe children will love to play and learn with.
Isolated complaint that it doesn’t hold air for long, so you have to inflate often.
20" Diameter / 0.8lbs
Includes instructions for fun games

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What is the Best World Globe?

You now have a better understanding of world globes and have decided which features you consider critical to your needs. Kindly keep those needs in mind as you go through our individual review of brands/products. We hope you’ll find it easy to decide on the best world globe for you at an affordable price.
Our Top Choice
The Oregon Scientific Smart Globe lets your kids explore the world without leaving the comfort of your home. This globe offers edutainment content for over 250 countries of the world. There’s an alternative that can be updated via the internet. If you would prefer that, check out the Smart Globe Infinity which also comes with a touch pen.

Oregon Scientific Smart Globe Discovery with Interactive Pen

Oregon Scientific was founded in 1989 and operates out of Portland. This company is passionate about enriching lives with its quality and edutainment products. Some of its diverse products include weather sensors, thermometers, rain gauges, projection clocks, GPS, pedometers, air purifiers and diffusers, kids’ learning and fun items, and more!

The Oregon Scientific Smart Globe is a well-designed depiction of our world showing the geographic locations of continents, countries, and states. It’s an interactive map of the world that gives your children hours of fun while they learn, which is actually the best way for children to learn. With this great edutainment item, your children will sure be one of the smartest in school. What parent wouldn’t want that?

There are 19 learning activities packed into this smart globe. It comes with a smart pen that’s used to interact with it to help you learn facts about continents, countries, capitals, populations, and currencies. There’s a local map on the base of this globe, letting your kids learn awesome facts about their home country. There’s also a challenge built into this globe that lets your kids test their knowledge of what they’ve learned. Weighing 4.1 pounds and having dimensions of 16.2 x 13.2 x 13 inches, this globe is also quite portable.

The following are highlights of some products also made by Oregon Scientific:
  • Oregon Scientific Wireless Temperature and Humidity Sensor – It has a digital 3-channel display and is compatible with over 3 OSI units
  • Oregon Scientific Wireless Rain Gauge with Thermometer – It has automatic self-emptying rain collector with accurate measurements
  • Oregon Scientific Wireless Temperature Sensor – It can transmit up to 100 feet from the main unit, is water-resistant, and has three channels for tandem transmission
Best Value
The Ravensburger 3D Earth Puzzleball features the patented EasyClick technology that lets each of the 540 pieces snap together. It has a plastic base and a metallic stand. If you would prefer a puzzle ball for younger kids from the same brand, you can check out the Ravensburger XXL Children's Globe, which has 180 pieces.

Ravensburger 3D The Earth Puzzleball with 540 Pieces

Ravensburger is a popular manufacturer of games and puzzles in Europe. The company, located in Germany, designs and creates many interactive and educating products that help your children develop their mental capacity whilst being entertained. It adopts innovation and creativity in making its games and puzzles to avoid offering repetitive and cliché products so its users will stay fully entertained.

The Ravensburger 3D Earth Puzzleball is a well-crafted, three-dimensional jigsaw puzzle with curved and hinged pieces that easily interlock. The plastic pieces are numbered for easy assembly, but will still give you and your kids some challenging entertainment for hours on end.

The puzzle finishes into a beautifully designed vintage globe which rests on a plastic base and has a metallic spinning stand. This puzzle ball provides an ideal way to learn about the earth and the geographic locations of continents and countries, which is a great way your budding geographers can learn and get entertained at once.

This globe is ideal for children ages 12 and above. Should they find the puzzle too challenging, they can get help from the numbers and arrows printed on the back of each piece to facilitate an easier, yet educating build. The plastic base holds the globe in place while you build, allowing you to position it as you like. The metallic display stand holds the completed globe and allows you to spin it on its axis to admire and show off your work. This globe weighs 1.7 pounds and has dimensions of 10.4 x 10.3 x 3.2 inches, making it relatively easy to move from place to place.

The following are some other products by Ravensburger:
  • Ravensburger Labyrinth – is a well-crafted puzzle that teaches your children the laws of cause and effect while having massive fun
  • Ravensburger Neuschwanstein 3D Puzzle (216-Piece) – is a sturdy puzzle that challenges your child’s critical thinking, and the plastic pieces perfectly fit together
The Replogle Globes Illuminated Globe is a 12-inch antique-style ocean globe with a cherry finish, decoratively accented wood stand, and political map type. If you’d like a desktop globe, you should consider the Replogle Explorer World Desk Globe which has assorted colors.

Replogle Globes Lancaster Illuminated Globe – Available in 2 Colors

Replogle Globes is a world-leading manufacturer of world globes. Founded in 1930, it has a mission to provide globes to a wider audience, not just schools and geography enthusiasts. Its hand-crafted and well-finished globes have successfully made that mission a successful one, as its globes can now be found in both living rooms and offices of dignitaries all over the world.

The Replogle Globes Illuminated Globe has a classic design made with a cherry finish and decorative accents on the stands. This floor globe is the kind you typically find in a corner as a decorative furniture piece in a traditional Victorian home. Adding to this antiquity, it weighs a whopping 21 pounds and has fairly large dimensions of 18 x 18 x 35 inches.

This handcrafted floor globe has a metal die cast, full swing meridian supporting the bronze globe. It’s illuminated by a bulb (not bundled with the product) from the inside which is easy to change. When the bulb is lit, the illumination takes the aesthetics of this freestanding globe to a whole new level. This piece of furniture or geographic item, whichever you will, surely has the capacity to raise the beauty of your home or office.

The following are some other products made by Replogle Globes:
  • Replogle Globes Intelliglobe II – It has 20 touch-and-explore features and thousands of educational facts
  • Replogle Globes Orion Globe Black Illume – It’s handcrafted with a solid steel base and illuminated from the inside
The Toscano Italian Replica Globe Bar is a 16th-century replica of the nautical maps in the National Museum of Science in Italy. This hardwood furniture also doubles as a wine bar. If you love statues, you can take a look at the Toscano Bonded Marble David Statue which is available in 3 sizes.

Toscano Sixteenth Century Italian Replica Globe Bar

Toscano was founded in 1990 by Michael and Marilyn Stopka when they went on a trip to Paris. It has a still-growing catalog of products which include Egyptian and medieval statuaries, authentic oil canvas paintings of masterpieces, garden fountains, and many more other artistic pieces of antiquities.

The Toscano Italian Replica Globe Bar is a well-designed vintage-style globe of the old world which also doubles as a bar to store and serve your treasured wine bottles and glasses. This piece of 16th-century globe replica will surely marvel your guests! This incredible globe weighs in at 20.9 pounds and its dimensions are 22.1 x 22.1 x 38.6 inches.

This hand-made piece of furniture is crafted using kiln-dried wood and uses both old and modern techniques to create this exquisite design. The wood is well-stained to produce an elegant finish and lacquered with a protective top coating so it can last you for years. Map gores are applied by hand on the uniformly round hemispheres, and it’s all coupled together with the best available materials to create this beautiful masterpiece replica.

The following are some other great products by Toscano:
  • Toscano Statue of Liberty Statue – This is hand-cast using real crushed bone and molded together by designer resin
  • Toscano Venus de Milo Statue – This is a well-sculpted design and is hand finished by professional artisans
The TEDCO Inflatable World Globe is made of vinyl and has detailed and legible labels of continents, countries, capitals, oceans and seas, etc. If you would prefer a smaller version of this globe, go for the 12-inch TEDCO Inflatable Globe.

TEDCO 20 Inch Vinyl Inflatable World Globe for Indoor or Outdoor Use

TEDCO (Teetor Engineering Development Company) was established by Ralph Teetor with the initial aim being a research and development company. One of the great achievements of Mr. Teetor is the ‘cruise control’ feature in most automobiles today. TEDCO’s new emphasis is to manufacture scientific and educational toys. It’s committed to producing high-quality toys to help develop children’s creativity.

The TEDCO Inflatable World Globe is packaged with instructions for three educational games which enhances the fun factor of this inflatable world globe. Your kids will have lots of fun playing and learning with this globe. Its large size (weighs 11.2 ounces; dimensions are 1 x 9 x 10 inches) makes it usable both indoors and outdoors. All you have to do is fill it up with air, and let the fun begin.

The following are other great products from this trusted brand:
  • Original TEDCO Gyroscope – This classic educational toy comes with a stand you can balance it on, or your finger if you want
  • TEDCO Mini Hourglass – It works just like the regular hourglass but it uses colored oil for its timer
  • TEDCO 4D Anatomy Brain Model – It has 17 detachable parts and a display stand. It also includes a detailed assembly guide and description

How Do I Choose the Best World Globe?

Some people still think world globes are strictly for scientific and educational purposes. Well, the truth is: they’re not. They are actually more than that. World globes are now, and have always been, items of multiple purposes. The best world globes are durable and well-designed, so that whichever style they come in, they do a good job serving as a decorative and educational piece.
There are world globes that are designed for the usual educational purposes, and there are some that are made as decorative ornaments. They come in desktop, floor, and gemstone types which can be designed to serve different purposes. Some have lights, while others still are self-rotating. World globes come with different maps offering different pieces of information about our world, and there are some new designs which are of constellations and other planets, instead (so you can view stars even without a telescope!). In the end, what you need a world globe for will determine the type you will buy.
There are many options of world globes out there with different designs and, of course, different prices. The factors that affect the pricing of world globes are materials, design, characteristics, types, and the list goes on. The premium globes with all the bells and whistles will cost over $300, while the less expensive ones that won’t have as many options will go for a little over $50.

There are others designed for child education and fun, and might not cost as much the ones stated above. So be sure not to categorize them along with some cheap world globes we came across during our research. These cheap ones are poor imitations of the quality world globes we featured in our reviews.
World globes aren’t just educational and scientific equipment; they can also serve as decorative furniture. There are different types and designs to choose from which might confuse someone who’s new to world globes. The following are features to look out for in a world globe:
  • Type—this can determine where and how you’ll use it
  • Material—what the globe is made of
  • Map—whether it’s of the earth or galaxy, and how detailed
  • Design—how big or small the globe is, how it’s assembled, etc.
  • Characteristics—whether the map is colorful, or has extra features
  • Use—whether the globe will be used for education, decoration, or something else
This list will help you decide on which features will satisfy your needs for a world globe. You’ll have a better understanding of how each feature affects the efficacy of a world globe as you read on.
Construction and Design
As with most products, what you need a world globe for has a lot to do with which type you’ll decide to buy. The desktop types usually measure 4 inches to 16 inches in diameter (you might find other sizes, though). You can place these types on the desk in your office or at home, on a bookshelf or wall unit, on a coffee table, or a nightstand. Wherever you decide to put it, you’ll find a design that’s appropriate.

Floor globes are taller, free-standing models that add a touch of class wherever you decide to place it. These types can be displayed in schools, offices, homes, public buildings, etc. Some of these floor globes have metal bases, while there are some that sport well-crafted wooden bases. Floor globes are usually between 12 inches and up to 40 inches in diameter.

Gemstone globes are found in both desktop and floor designs. These types of globes are mostly hand-designed by professional artisans. They’re luxuriously finished and come with elegantly designed metal stands. They’re also vibrantly colored and have a shiny finish. These are the elites of world globes.

World globes are usually made with wood or metal. There are desktop types that have wooden or metallic bases, while most floor types have well-accented wooden stands; the globe itself is usually made with metal sheets. Some decorative globes are made of glass, marbles, crystals, etc. There are some world globes designed for children that are made with plastic, and you’ll even find some that are inflatable. With the current state of technological advancement, you’ll soon see world globes made of light (holographic)!

Our earth has different characteristics, so world maps can be used to depict those characteristics. Depending on your personal preference, the type of map depicted on a world globe will affect your decision. Most world globes, though, depict either political maps or physical maps. The political cartography shows the world by countries and the political divisions of their landmasses. They’re full of names of countries, their capitals, major cities, seas and oceans, longitude and latitude grids, etc.

Physical maps, on the other hand, provide information about the world’s natural topographies and biomass. These types of maps usually use color codes to depict different entities of nature such as blue for the waters, greens for vegetation, different shades of brown to highlight terrains and mountains, etc. Physical maps typically have three-dimensional effects to indicate series of high mountain peaks and low valleys. There are, however, some awesome maps that can change between physical and political when illuminated.
Performance and Ease of Use
Like we indicated earlier, what you need a world globe for determines the type you buy. World globes are largely used for educational, decorative, or entertainment purposes. Here’s a bullet list for your reference on these types:
  • Educational-- These have fundamental geography and cartography info, and can be either political or physical. You can find them in desktop or floor versions, as well.
  • Decorative-- These usually have detailed accents to give them a more artistic touch. They include illuminated, gemstone, and vintage globes.
  • Entertainment-- These globes are the ones made into games and puzzles. They’re usually for children and teenagers, fashioned as 3D jigsaw puzzles or battery-operated interactive globes.
The characteristics of your world globe are closely linked to its aesthetic factor.

Whether it’s a desktop, floor, gemstone, or whatever type of world globe it is, they all have different characteristics which more often than not set them apart. There are world maps that are illuminated. These types are hollow and have sockets for a light bulb which illuminates the globe from the inside. The lighting effect takes the beauty of the globe to a whole new level, regardless the accents it already has.

There are rotating world globes too—self-rotating, if we may add. These types are engineering marvels; they absorb light, natural or artificial, as sources of power for their smooth spinning motion. These are usually desktop types and they come with well-carved transparent bases. If you want a modern design decorative world globe, these are a thing of beauty.

Another great characteristic of world globes we came across is one that doubles as a wine bar! That’s a cool one, right? These have a hollow design that lets you open the globe into hemispheres to reveal a compartment you can keep your wine bottle and glasses in. They’re mostly vintage-styled floor types with space underneath the globe to keep extra bottles of liquor. Entertaining your guests from this world globe will sure marvel them and get them talking till their next visit.

There are some globes that don’t follow the conventional styles of map design. Most of them are mainly for decorative purposes, and they stay true to that. Some of them are non-earth maps, but will pass for a world globe since the planets they represent are worlds by their own rights. They have unconventional colors like black, silver, brown, copper, etc. There are some that showcase the night sky and celestial bodies, for the pleasure of star watchers and astronomy enthusiasts.

Even if the base and meridians of a world globe might not influence your choice that much, they still offer some dimension to the globe designs. The modern-style globes mostly have simple minimalist designs, but the traditional ones are usually ornate and accented. There are some globe manufacturers that give you options of the base design you want with your world globe, so feel free to explore available designs.

Finally, the meridians, these are the circular frames that connect the globe to the base. There are the half-meridians that encircle the globe halfway, while the full meridians go all the way around the globe. The meridians are responsible for the movement of the globe; some allow the globe to rotate only on its axis, while others allow for a less-restricted movement.

Now that you have detailed information on world globes, it’s our hope that you can now decide on the features of the kind of globe you need.

Get the Best World Globe of 2022!

Now that you’ve come to the end of our review, it’s our hope that you have all the information you need to make a choice you’ll be happy about. So go ahead now and make that purchase.

Our Top Choice
Oregon Scientific Smart Globe
Best Value
Ravensburger 3D Earth Puzzleball
Replogle Globes Illuminated Globe
Toscano Italian Replica Globe Bar
TEDCO Inflatable World Globe