Best Yard Game Reviews 2022

No one hates to be a winner, right? Well, a good place to win is in a game of darts or flying disks. These are just two of the countless yard games out there. Choosing a particular set of lawn games can be a daunting task. For this reason, we have combed through numerous games and brought you five products from some of the best yard games brands that will have you playing for hours nonstop!
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Our Top Choice
GoSports Slammo Game Set
GoSports is a leading sports media company that gives you access to all that the world of sports has to offer.
Fun-packed; Intense play; Competitive; Improved design; Total net coverage
Legs may be too rigid, making leveling difficult.
4 players
Above 12 years
3 balls, net, carrying case
Best Value
Yard Games Giant Tumbling Timbers
Yard Games is a brand that seeks to provide customers with fun-filled games that will help create life-long memories.
Hours of outdoor fun; Great for bonding; Masterly crafted blocks; Smooth and safe
Some users find the carrying bag flimsy.
Tumbling Timbers
2 or more players
Above 8 years
56 timbers, carrying case
Baden Champions Cornhole Set
Baden started back in 1979 to provide sporting goods for various games, with emphasis on quality and dependability.
Tournament-quality construction; Maximum comfort; Hidden storage; Easily portable; Packaged with rules
Some users find the design a bit plain.
Corn hole
2 or more players
Above 13 years
2 boards, 8 bags, rules
Rollors Wooden Backyard Game
Rollors is one of the latest outdoor games, invented by Matt Butler, who employs veterans to help make the wooden pieces.
Suitable for all ages; Combination of three games; Quality components; Fun for outdoor activities
Pieces need modification to handle intense play
Combo of 3 popular games
2 players
All ages
6 disks, 2 cone goals
KanJam Original Disk Game
KanJam is a USA-based company that started out in 2006 to manufacture gaming equipment that would help people bond and have fun.
Customized disk; Thrill to play; Easy to unpack and set up
Requires a distance of at least 50 feet.
Flying disks
4 players
All ages
2 goals, 1 disc

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What is the Best Yard Game?

Identifying your gaming needs and the rules of the game go a long way in helping you decide on an ideal outdoor game. Let’s continue exploring more pointers to help you with this decision.
Our Top Choice
The GoSports Slammo Game Set is a fun-packed product that gets your competitive juices flowing as you play the intense two-on-two volleyball-style game. Not digging this game? How about the GoSports Backyard Bocce Set that comes with a carrying case instead?

GoSports Volleyball Style Slammo Game Set with 3 Balls, Carrying Case and Rules

GoSports is a sports media brand that strives to give viewers the latest that sports has to offer. Their area of specialization is live coverage of events, where viewers get access through subscribing. By joining the GoSports community, you are assured that nothing will pass you by in matters regarding sports; be it extreme sports, archived content and even sports documentaries. The brand has also diversified, now bringing you various types of games that you can enjoy right at home. These game sets are made of high-quality materials and are remarkably affordable.

One such product is the GoSports Slammo Game Set, which is a fun-packed activity that enables you to play and bring out your competitive spirit. This game is similar to volleyball, only the balls are smaller and the net is round rather than rectangular. In Slammo, the two-on-two teams have to aim for the ankle-high net by slamming the ball thrice. The competitive spiking continues until the other team fails to aim the ball back to hit the net. The game can get really competitive, and the adrenaline rush you get is out of this world.

Here’s what to expect once you add Slammo to your shopping cart:
  • Includes two nine-centimeter balls and one training ball for learners.
  • Has new, improved designed that eliminates ‘pocket shot.’
  • Assembles easily and quickly, compared to volleyball.
  • Comes with rules on how to play the game.
  • Sturdily built PVC net
  • Recommended age for playing is 12 years.
  • Includes a Slammo target for intense play.
  • Includes a carrying case for easy portability.
  • Great workout and offers cross-training
  • Boasts a lifetime warranty.
Best Value
The Yard Games Giant Tumbling Timbers is designed to give you hours of outdoor fun as you meticulously stack wooden blocks up to a height of five feet. Not the type of game you had in mind? Then we believe that the Yard Games Kubb Game Set will offer you a great alternative.

Yard Games Solid Pine Giant Tumbling Timbers

Yard Games originally started out in 2008 under the name Get Busy Playin’ when an engineer named Kevin Muellerleile started selling games from a garage. As demand for the kubb games grew, he opened up more distribution channels and, six years later, Yard Games was born. The brand has a large customer base because of its passion to provide people with games that are not only fun, but also good at building team spirit. The components of their games are made of the highest-quality materials, while the price is remarkably affordable.

The Yard Games Giant Tumbling Timbers is one game that will challenge you mentally, in a fun and exciting way. The idea behind the game is to build a wooden tower, then remove the building blocks one by one, replacing the blocks on the top. The winner is usually the one who can successfully stack a block without the tower toppling over. Yaa, that’s easy! The building starts at about two and a half feet and can go over five feet high.

Here’s more about Giant Tumbling Timbers:
  • The wooden blocks are made of solid pine.
  • Consists of 56 pieces, kiln-dried and sanded to make them smooth.
  • Has two extra bottom blocks for more height.
  • An ideal outdoor game for group events or camping
  • Can accommodate two or more players.
  • Recommended age of the players is from eight years.
  • Includes a quality carrying case for easy portability.
  • Easily and quickly sets up in the back yard.
The Baden Champions Cornhole Set is made of tournament-quality wooden construction with eight bags filled with resin for maximum comfort when playing. Not digging this game? Then we believe that the Baden Sports Cushioned Tetherball will give you an opportunity to have fun while outdoors.

Baden All Wooden Champions Cornhole Game Set

E.C. Schindler and his son Michael had a passion for sports, but were not happy with the quality of goods in the market. And, true to their passion for better sporting goods, they went ahead and formed Baden, which soon started giving the industry innovative products made with the highest quality. Such products include ergonomic bats, which are making quite the mark in the industry. When it comes to gaming, Baden is sure to give you a memorable experience.

The Baden Champions Cornhole Set is one yard game you will enjoy playing. Basically, corn hole or dummy boards is where players compete to throw corn bags or bean bags into the hole. Each successful throw earns the player three points. The Champions Cornhole Set from Baden is designed with hidden storage below the wooden boards to conveniently store your corn bags. The whole set is made of solid wood, whose legs can be folded for easy storage.

Here’s more to this corn hole set:
  • Four resin-stuffed bags in red and four in blue
  • Strong handles for easy portability
  • Contains set of corn hole rules.
  • Foldable legs have large screws for easy operation.
  • Rock-solid construction with immense stability
The Rollors Game is suitable for all ages and is a combination of three games in one – namely, horseshoes, bowling and bocce ball – allowing you maximum fun. Do you feel that the pieces provided are not enough? Then the Rollors Game Expansion Pack will be a great addition for maximum fun.

Rollors Wooden Backyard Game For All Ages - Combining Horseshoes, Bocce Ball and Bowling

Matt Butler, during his downtime from combat operations in the army, visualized Rollors, a great outdoor game. He made his first prototype and tested it out at barbecues and outdoor events. The game was well received, and players gave good reviews. When the recession hit, Matt noticed that a lot of veterans were jobless, and he decided to employ them to help him make the wooden components used in this game. The popularity of the game has really grown, and the fact that the brand has given many veterans a source of livelihood is beyond amazing.

Basically, The Rollors Game consists of six wooden, disk-shaped pieces – three in red and three in blue. It also comes with two cone-shaped blocks that act as goals and one measuring cord. The idea of the game is to roll the wooden pieces across a flat surface, and points are awarded to the player whose piece comes closest to the goal. After measurement, the one who gets to 21 points first, wins. This recreational activity will change the way you experience outdoor games because it’s fun-packed and a good way to bond.

Here are more features of this game:
  • The wooden pieces are large and durable.
  • Masterly crafted pieces that feel nice on your hands
  • Includes a well-stitched carrying case that’s also a storage bag.
  • Recommended age of players is four years and above.
  • Combination of horseshoes, bocce ball and bowling.
  • Approved by ASTM in regards to toy safety standards
  • Has won numerous awards, such as Men’s Journal – Best Gear of 2014.
The KanJam Original Disk Game boasts a customized flying disk that you shoot toward two durable goals, allowing you an automatic win if you hit the goal directly. Do you prefer a game that you can play at night? We believe that the KanJam Illuminate Glow Game is an ideal choice.

KanJam Original Ultimate Disc Game

KanJam is proudly American, and the brand doesn’t hesitate to say so. Since its incorporation in 2006, their products were presumed to have been made in China, but the fact of the matter is that every single part of their gaming equipment is made in the USA, which ensures high quality and a reasonable price. Their products are widely available in the USA and are also sold in over 23 European countries. Moreover, KanJam games have been incorporated into physical education curriculums in schools.

The KanJam Original Disk Game is a fast-paced outdoor game that entails a two-on-two flying disk contest, where players place the goals fifty feet apart. The throwers take turns to throw the disk, aiming to hit the goal – the winner is the one that gets to 21 points first. Whether you are out camping, or tailgating or just want to spend a nice afternoon at the beach, you and your buddies will have an amazing time.

Here are more features of the flying disk game:
  • Includes two durable KanJam cans.
  • The disk is KanJam-customized for effective flying.
  • Package includes instructions on how to play.
  • The set is easy to unpack and sets up in a matter of minutes.
  • Ideal for use even in schools

How Do I Choose the Best Yard Game?

There’s a quote that goes, ‘If you need music at the beach, then you are missing the whole point.’ There’s some truth in this statement, since the whole idea of spending some time by the ocean is to enjoy the waves and the salty breeze as you sip some sweet coconut juice. But, in between lying on the sand and playing in the water, you can engage your buddies in a fun-packed game of flying disks or beach volleyball.

Yard games are designed to help you enjoy the outdoors, whether in a large group or just you and your family. These games are of numerous kinds, but have one thing in common: fun. When you want a break from foosball or air hockey, yard games are an ideal choice. Not only are these games mentally stimulating, but also offer a great way to bond. The games also bring out your competitive spirit, which is a good thing, especially for kids to learn from a tender age.

When in the market for the best yard game, you need to keep in mind a number of factors that will influence your gaming experience. One such factor is the type of game you have in mind. If you want to entertain a crowd, you have to go for a game that’s best enjoyed as group. You should also consider the rules of the game – simple rules often make the game more fun. Another important point is the space required to play a particular game – is your back yard big enough to accommodate the game?
You don’t have to rob a bank in order to enjoy a game of flying disks or corn hole in your back yard. Most yard games fall in the price range of $30 to $150 depending on the type of game. The variance arises as a result of several factors, such as the kind of game – you will find that ball games are more expensive than a game of flying disks or horseshoes. There are also the components of the game – some of them are built using high-end materials, which drives the price up.

In the market, you will also find cheap yard games that we would discourage you from buying, due to a number of reasons. One is that such games are made using poor-quality materials, which will not provide you with hours of fun. Shopping for a yard game is already overwhelming enough; you don’t want to add to the headache by constantly going back to the shop to replace parts.
A visit to the gaming section of your favorite department store will reveal just how flooded the market is with all sorts of yard games. Picking the most ideal game for your needs may prove to be an overwhelming task. Let’s look at some of the vital features to look out for, before adding a particular game to your cart:
  • Type of Game –Lawn games come in all types, including flying disks, horseshoes, corn hole, bowling, spiking and slamming.
  • Number of Players –Before picking a particular game, you need to ensure that the game is designed for the number of people you want to play with.
  • Suitability –Is the yard game ideal for a group event? What’s the recommended age of the players? Where is it best played?
  • Material –Lawn games contain various components made using various materials, such as wood or plastic. Ensure that the material used will give you extended service.
  • Set –What’s contained in the game set? If the game contains many components, is there a carrying bag to ease transport? Does the package include the rules of the game?
Construction and Design
Yard games come in numerous designs and concepts. The major categories are throwing games, ball games and building games. The versatility of lawn games has made them appealing for players of all ages. Looking at throwing games, you will find that some games entail aiming at a target, with the player earning points depending on how close they get to the target. One popular throwing lawn game is flying disks, which can be played while camping, tailgating or even during a day at the beach. Most disks are made of hard plastic and the goals are placed at a distance to add to the challenge.

Another yard game is corn hole, which is similar to horseshoes, the difference being that in corn hole you use bean bags and no metal stakes. This game has become popular as people compete to throw bags into a hole in a wooden board. The bags may be filled with high-quality corn, but some have dry beans or rice. There’s so much you can use a bean bag for, and playing corn hole is just one way.

Looking at ball games, croquet and bocce ball are the most common. Croquet is loved by those who have a serious competitive spirit, since the winner isn’t determined by points accumulated, but rather by how fast they get to the end. Many variations of croquet exist, with some being played around trees, other versions passing a ball through hoops and there’s even one played while riding a bicycle. The truth is, there are so many lawn games that come in different styles and with different rules.
Performance and Ease of Use
The physical activity involved while playing a yard game may vary. Some players may want a game that’s laid back and doesn’t entail too much physical work, such as building blocks. Others may opt for games that require a lot of physical exercise, such a game of darts or other throwing games. The satisfaction from a game depends on the aim that one had before engaging in the game. Was it to exercise or just challenge their minds and bring out their competitive side?

Most games are easy to play, since most manufacturers include instructions on how to set up the game and also give the rules of the game. Before embarking on a particular game, it’s important for all the players to familiarize themselves with the rules – it saves time and a bucket load of arguments! In terms of portability, you may find that a carrying case has been provided to help move the components. The case also acts as a storage item once you are done having fun.

Get the Best Yard Game of 2022!

Hopefully, you found this review not only interesting, but also informative. We hope that, through it, you will have the confidence to step out there and get the best yard game for your outdoor space. In case you are not there yet, these gaming brands have more in store for you.

Our Top Choice
GoSports Slammo Game Set
Best Value
Yard Games Giant Tumbling Timbers
Baden Champions Cornhole Set
Rollors Wooden Backyard Game
KanJam Original Disk Game