Best Yoga Block Reviews 2022

Using a yoga block during yoga helps in more ways than one. Apart from improving your general flexibility, it also helps you achieve certain poses that would have been quite impossible otherwise, especially if you're a beginner. However, while the advantages are numerous, selecting the wrong yoga block may lead to an awful yoga experience. That’s why we’ve decided to lessen your burden by bringing you five top brands with some of the best yoga blocks available. While we’ve only featured five of them, don’t hesitate to look at other yoga blocks by these brands, if your time permits.
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Our Top Choice
Bean Products Yoga Block
Bean Products designs and manufactures innovative organic home furnishings, and yoga and fitness products that are comfortable, long-lasting, safe, and environmentally-friendly.
Great grip. Foam block. Lightweight. Scratch-proof exterior. Durable. Offers support and balance.
Pungent smell when unwrapped initially.
3 x 6 x 9 inches
Spot clean with damp cloth
5 colors
Beveled edges
Best Value
Gaiam Yoga Block and Strap Combo
Lifestyle brands such as Gaiam ensure that fitness and yoga enthusiasts have the necessary props and accessories required to create a memorable yoga experience.
Foam yoga block. 100% cotton strap. Great quality. Safe support. Eco-friendly. Lessens muscle strain.
The strap isn’t long enough for some poses.
4 x 6 x 9 inches
Wipe clean with damp cloth
Gray; purple
Comes with strap
Manduka Cork Yoga Block
Manduka is one of few reputable brands that yogis all over the world identify with due to the superior quality and durability of its yoga mats, blocks, and accessories.
Solid feel. Easy to grip. Easy to clean. Contoured edges. Renewable and sustainable sources. Gives support and stability.
Somewhat heavier than foam blocks.
4 x 6 x 9 inches
Clean with organic solution
Contoured edges
Hugger Mugger Foam Yoga Block
Hugger Mugger is a reputable company that equips the fitness, health, and wellness industry with yoga tools and accessories that are technically-superior and innovative.
Eco-friendly. Reliable support. Lightweight. Firm and durable. Beveled edges.
Quite pricey for only one block.
4 x 6 x 9 inches
Wipe clean
Purple; green; sky blue
Beveled edges
Reehut EVA Foam Yoga Block
In the health and wellness industry, Reehut is well-known for manufacturing quality yoga balls, mats, blocks, and accessories that are of superior quality, reliable, and durable.
Lightweight. Moisture-resistant. Beveled edges. Strong grip. Multiple colors and sizes.
These blocks are not scratch-proof.
EVA foam
3 x 6 x 9; 4 x 6 x 9 inches
Wipe clean with damp cloth
8 colors
Beveled edges

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What is the Best Yoga Block?

Irrespective of the construction material and color, the right yoga block can considerably improve your yoga experience. No matter your level, if you’ve carefully gone through this buying guide, selecting the best yoga block should be easy.
Our Top Choice
The Bean Products Foam Yoga Block is made from foam and ensures increased support and alignment during yoga by providing you with better grip and stability. It’s also durable and has an exterior that’s resistant to scratches. If foam blocks don’t appeal to you, check out the Bean Products Cork Yoga Block. It is made of renewable cork and also has a firm grip.

Bean Products Foam Yoga Block – Available in 6 Colors & 2 Pack Sizes

Bean Products is a leading manufacturer of products that generally promote health and wellness. These products include natural yoga mats, yoga blocks, bolsters and other yoga tools, meditation benches and tools, eye pillows, and other fitness accessories. These products are usually made from the highest-quality construction material available, and most importantly, they are safe, durable, and environmentally-friendly. Bean Products also ensures that the end users of its product line are satisfied by addressing any complaints that may arise in their feedback.

Practicing Ashtanga, Viniyoga, or Power yoga without yoga blocks may not always be easy for a yoga beginner. So, to get the required depth and support, a firm but stable yoga block such as the Bean Products Yoga Block is essential. It is a high-density yoga block that provides the necessary support by reducing the distance between you and the floor. This reduction in floor distance allows you to successfully carry out your yoga moves without the risk of injury due to overstretching and aligning improperly.

This yoga block is made from EVA foam and is lightweight but strong. It is comfortable to use, with a firm and durable construction. The edges are beveled for easy but firm grip and it can be used both in the home and in the studio. It measures 9 L x 6 W x 4 H inches and is portable enough for travel purposes. Further, the construction material, foam, makes cleaning a simple task. All you have to do is clean each spot with mild detergent and you can either towel-dry or air-dry after that. The size, 0.7 pounds, also makes storage quite easy.

Available in colors such as green, purple, teal, blue, and black, this yoga block also supports the back-bends of yoga beginners and help them adjust and deepen some poses such as Lyengar and Hatha. For intermediate and advanced yoga practitioners, this yoga block helps improve their form by giving them the required stability for some complicated sitting and standing poses.

This yoga block comes in black, blue, green, pink, purple or teal and you can choose from purchasing a 1-pack or a 2-pack depending on your needs!
Best Value
The Gaiam Yoga Block and Strap Combo consists of a foam yoga block that provides the ideal support and a 100% cotton strap that allows you to stretch deeply and hold any position. It also improves your overall flexibility. For a less-expensive foam yoga block without a strap, take a look at the Gaiam Single Yoga Block. It is available in 13 colors and can also be used as a meditation seat.

Gaiam Yoga Block and Strap Combo – Available in Gray and Purple

Gaiam specializes in quality products that have to do with fitness, wellness, and yoga. No matter your yoga level, Gaiam has got you covered. From yoga props and accessories to recovery kits and meditation seating, Gaiam ensures you get the best performance from its products. Its products are also environmentally- and price-friendly, durable, and boast of some of the highest-quality construction materials available.

There are so many functions of a yoga block, such as providing the balance and stability required to pull off some yoga moves and to ensure the muscles are neither strained nor sprained during the routine. A yoga strap also has many functions, including accommodating your deep stretches and holding it in position. Imagine trying to perform yoga Asanas and failing miserably, because your range of motion is limited. This decreases your yoga performance and can be corrected using a yoga block and strap. While so many lifestyle brands offer the two separately, the Gaiam Yoga Block and Strap Combo offers you both, in one package, for less cost.

The yoga block included is made from ethylene vinyl acetate foam, which is responsible for the high density, strength, and durability. It is easy to grip and the edges are beveled for comfort. The block measures 9 L x 6 W x 4 D inches and can also be cleaned easily. All you’ve got to do is identify the spot that needs cleaning and use a damp cloth with mild detergent to wipe it off. You can towel-dry or air-dry after cleaning.

The strap, on the other hand, is made of 100% cotton, measures 6 feet, and can be used to deepen stretches. Performing a reclined hamstring stretch or a forward bend becomes easier with this strap. It makes you more flexible and allows you to hold some difficult positions for a while. The strap can be hand-washed after use and dried flatly afterwards. They are available in gray and purple colors and weigh only 0.6 pounds.
The Manduka Cork Yoga Block with Contoured Edges is made from renewable and sustainable cork, which provides the support and stability required during the practice of yoga. It also has an easy-to-grip surface for intense routines. If you prefer foam to cork, check out the Manduka Yoga & Exercise Blocks. They’re lighter than the cork yoga block and are quite versatile and durable.

Manduka Cork Yoga Block with Contoured Edges

Manduka is synonymous with yoga products and accessories that are of high quality, price-friendly, and durable. It has been equipping yogis all over the world with yoga mats, blocks, towels, clothing, and accessories that they have come to love and trust. For close to two decades, it has been manufacturing only quality yoga products that are made of simple, natural renewable materials that ensure its products are eco-friendly, safe, and healthy.

The Manduka Cork Yoga Block is one yoga block that combines high quality with firmness and can be relied upon to provide the support and balance that yogis require when carrying out different yoga routines. It is made from renewable cork which can be obtained from cork oak tree bark. The edges and corners are smooth and rounded for increased comfort, and permit easier grip, offering you a secure feel and support.

It’s user-friendly and offers stability and balance to all its users, irrespective of their skill level. Measuring 9 L x 6 D x 4 W inches and weighing 2.5 pounds, this yoga block is lightweight enough to be carried everywhere. Maintenance doesn’t cost a bit and it can be easily cleaned using only a damp cloth.

Manduka has other yoga products and accessories you can check out:
  • The Manduka Enlight Yoga Bolster which helps with comfort and form during and after yoga sessions. Absorption is really optimized with this bolster, and it’s machine-washable. It is available in 5 colors and 3 sizes.
  • The Manduka PRO Yoga and Pilates Mat which is non-toxic and has a surface with closed cell which prevents dirt from getting into it. It can also be easily cleaned and is built to last a lifetime.
  • The Manduka Unisex Align Yoga Strap which allows you to undertake some challenging yoga positions, while providing a slip-free support. It is lightweight, strong, and eco-friendly.
  • The Manduka Set of 2 Yoga Blocks with Strap which offers balance, stability, and support. It allows you to successfully carry out intense yoga routines, without spraining or straining your muscles.
    The Hugger Mugger Foam Yoga Block is made from ethylene-vinyl acetate foam which is quite dense and is capable of supporting different parts of the body during yoga. It’s also lightweight and has beveled edges for comfort. If you'd rather have a yoga block made from cork, check out the Hugger Mugger Cork Yoga Block. It is also durable and offers maximum comfort.

    Hugger Mugger Foam Yoga Block – Available in 3 Colors

    For more than 20 years, Hugger Mugger has been manufacturing yoga products that yoga enthusiasts have grown to love. From its mats, props, and bolsters to meditation cushions, carriers, and clothing, Hugger Mugger has been equipping the yoga industry with trendsetting and innovative products that are built to last for a long time. Not content with innovation alone, Hugger Mugger also ensures that all its products are eco-friendly, sustainable, and most importantly, help the consumer achieve a memorable yoga experience.

    Some yoga routines involve alignment of the body and require strength and stability to perfect. Such yoga routines include Ashtanga, Iyengar, Anusara, power, and restorative yoga. However, depending on your level of skill, these routines may require the use of a yoga block to be successfully carried out while avoiding injury or strain of the muscles. Although there are different types of yoga blocks, the Hugger Mugger Foam Yoga Block stands out due to its solid nature and degree of stability it offers. Increasing the support and balance of the user is the primary aim of this yoga block, while reducing the distance between the user and the floor.

    It is made from the popular ethylene-vinyl acetate foam which is a great construction material for yoga props due to its non-toxicity, flexibility, and high density. It has a smooth finish, nonslip surface, and beveled edges. This nonslip surface offers the user a superior traction while the beveled edges increase the level of grip and comfort. Its versatility is also an added advantage as it can be used as a meditation seat and can also be used to support the head, feet, hands, and torso during advanced yoga practice.

    Measuring 1.6 x 3.5 x 2.4 inches and weighing only 1 pound, this yoga block is lightweight and can be easily carried around without bulking the luggage. It can be easily cleaned with the aid of a wet cotton cloth and be air-dried after use. It is also durable and available in 3 colors: sky blue, green, and purple.
    The Reehut Foam Yoga Block is a lightweight and moisture-resistant yoga block that helps improve the flexibility and balance of all levels of users. The foam edges are also beveled for maximum comfort and strong grip. If you want other yoga accessories including 2 yoga blocks, then the Reehut Yoga Starter Kit has all you need.

    Reehut Foam Yoga Block – Available in 8 Colors and 3 Sizes

    Reehut manufactures quality and durable yoga accessories that help make the practice of yoga easier and more fun. It is well-known for quality yoga blocks, mats, towels, balls, and other yoga accessories. It also contributes to the fitness and exercise industry by equipping its users with running belts, foam rollers, and agility ladders that are quite durable and most importantly, price-friendly. With several years of experience in its chest, Reehut remains relevant by providing an amazing customer service that ensures the fitness needs of its customers are prioritized and only quality products are released for consumption.

    Muscle strain is a common phenomenon that occurs in the practice of yoga, especially amongst beginners—but it can be prevented by making use of the Reehut Foam Yoga Block. It is a yoga block that ensures your body is properly aligned during different poses, and it can also help deepen the stretches and poses. This is a stable block that is lightweight but firm, and has the capability of improving the flexibility and balance of the user. It can also be used by all levels of practitioners because of the increased safety for advanced poses.

    Made with ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA) foam, this high-density closed-cell foam block can be used as a seat for meditation purposes; this is because of the comfort and stability it offers. Most women stay away from yoga while pregnant because of the level of energy required to attain a position, but the Reehut Foam Yoga Block ensures a massive decrease in this energy level requirement. Hence, pregnant women can easily get into a position without dispensing much energy.

    The risk of injury is greatly reduced with this yoga block as it brings you closer to the ground and helps perfect your alignment and height for standing positions. The edges are beveled for maximum comfort and this also increases the grip. This block can easily be cleaned with a wet cloth and air-dried after each use. It is also available in 8 beautiful colors and 3 different sizes, to enable you to choose the option that best suits you.

    How Do I Choose the Best Yoga Block?

    A lot of people still question the importance of a yoga block. But to drive home the importance, let’s consider one of the numerous yoga poses from our yoga video—the trikoasana (triangle pose). It involves taking a big step forward, stretching your arms wide, inhaling, and then bending your upper body forward, trying to reach your left heel with your left fingers while exhaling. On paper, this doesn’t sound difficult at all. But as a beginner yogi, while stretching your upper body forward, anything can happen, from straining your muscles to any form of injury to the upper body. This is where a yoga block plays an important role; it helps you bring your body closer to the floor.

    Seasoned yogis aren’t left out, either. There are some poses that may limit your range of motion, but with the right yoga block and right yoga clothing, your motion range is improved and your overall flexibility is increased. To be more direct, a yoga block is one of the numerous yoga props that help with stability, balance, and strength. It’s also a great teaching tool and helps students carry out different yoga routines successfully without any risk of injury.

    There are three major types of yoga blocks: wood, cork, and foam. They all vary from each other due to their construction materials. Yoga blocks are also available in different colors and sizes. In this review, we've done our best to bring you different yoga blocks with careful consideration to these factors. If you're looking for a good yoga block, you’ll do well to choose one that is solid, lightweight, soft, and sturdy at the same time.

    There are numerous fitness and health benefits associated with yoga, including increased strength and flexibility, and using the right yoga block can help make yoga less difficult and more fun. Remember that the props aren’t only limited to blocks; you can also check out our reviews for yoga and exercise balls, yoga mats, and even yoga pants for both men and women.
    Generally speaking, yoga blocks are one of the least expensive props you’re likely to purchase for the yoga studio or home use. However, the price of a yoga block depends on some factors, such as the construction material and size. For example, wooden yoga blocks cost more than foam and cork yoga blocks, and a 4-inch cork yoga block is expected to cost more than a 3-inch cork yoga block.

    Notwithstanding, yoga blocks are usually economical and last for quite a long while. For between $10 and $50, you can get a good, strong, and durable yoga block for your numerous poses. However, during the course of this research, we came across some cheap yoga blocks, but we decided not to feature them because of their flimsy quality.
    The type of yoga block chosen is what differs a good and memorable yoga experience from a horrible one filled with torture. A lot of people have given up on the practice of yoga because of the wrong yoga prop. So, carefully pay attention to the following factors that can affect the choice of a yoga block:
    • Construction material
    • Dimensions/size
    • Care and maintenance
    • Color
    Construction and Design
    When considering the construction and design of a yoga block, there are two things you largely need to focus on: the material it’s made of (which we will go into great detail about below), and the color.

    Construction Material

    When it comes to the construction material of a yoga block, there are mainly 3 options: wood, foam, and cork. Wooden or bamboo yoga blocks are the least popular because they are more-expensive, heavier, and harder than foam and cork yoga blocks. However, some yogis prefer them because of the stability they offer. The bamboo yoga blocks are fast-replacing the wood yoga blocks because of their hollow interior, which reduces the weight and strength of the block.

    Cork yoga blocks are more popular than the wooden/bamboo yoga blocks and less-expensive. They are made from the bark of the Cork oak tree and can be described as extremely durable. It rarely loses shape and is least affected by scratches or nicks. It weighs considerably less than the wooden yoga block, but weighs more than the foam yoga block. For supine positions that require you to recline, this kind of yoga block is cool. The feel is great and they don’t slip easily when in position.

    The most popular yoga blocks are the foam yoga blocks. They are the least expensive and heavy when compared to other forms of yoga blocks. They are also the softest and support the head and torso without inflicting pain. Most foam blocks are made from ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA) foam. This type of foam boasts of a high density and strength. They are also highly sustainable and will last for quite a while, although lesser, when compared to cork and wood yoga blocks.


    Cork yoga blocks are available only in the cork color. This, however, is not a problem as cork tends to go with almost everything. On the other hand, foam yoga blocks are available in numerous colors such as purple, green, blue, teal, black, yellow, etc. However, when purchasing a foam yoga block, ensure it matches other yoga props such as your mat and strap.
    Performance and Ease of Use
    In order to get the best results from your yoga block, it’s important to note the dimensions and size as well as how easy it is to care for and maintain. We’ll go more into this below.

    Dimensions and Size

    The dimensions (width) of a yoga block has an important role to play, especially if you're a beginner. Most yoga blocks are available in 3, 4, or 5 inches. If you have a smaller frame and you're a beginner, it’s ideal to go for the 3-inch yoga block. Those with average frames can go for those with a 4-inch width. If you’re purchasing for studio purposes, it’s also ideal to have a 4-inch yoga block because it is the most generally accepted in studio conditions. However, those with bigger and taller frames can go for the 5-inch yoga blocks. They are larger than the rest and can be very useful for some poses that aren’t limited to tall people.

    As for size, if you plan to travel with your yoga block, the foam yoga block would be the most natural choice. They are the most lightweight of all 3 options and can easily be compressed to fit the luggage without increasing its weight. Most foam blocks weigh less than 1 pound, while most wood blocks weigh over 2.5 pounds.

    Care and Maintenance

    Yoga blocks are generally easy to care for and maintain. Cork yoga blocks don’t require much cleaning and can be air-dried after use because they tend to absorb moisture. Foam yoga blocks, depending on the color, may require spot cleaning after use. It can be cleaned using a damp or wet cloth with mild detergent. After spot cleaning, it may then be towel- or air-dried. Sometimes, foam yoga blocks may be accompanied with a pungent smell on arrival. To eliminate the smell, air-dry immediately after opening. After multiple uses and drying, the pungent smell disappears on its own.

    Get the Best Yoga Block of 2022!

    Now that you're fully informed, why don’t you purchase the yoga block that suits you, to improve your flexibility and make those Asana poses less difficult?

    Our Top Choice
    Bean Products Yoga Block
    Best Value
    Gaiam Yoga Block and Strap Combo
    Manduka Cork Yoga Block
    Hugger Mugger Foam Yoga Block
    Reehut EVA Foam Yoga Block