Best Yoga Mat Bag Reviews 2023

Before you head off to the yoga studio, you'll want a sturdy yoga mat bag to keep you organized and carefree as you walk out the door. A good yoga mat bag easily fits standard mats and may feature a comfortable strap and convenient pockets to store your valuables. We examined the best yoga mat bag brands to narrow it down to a short list of five top picks – including our top choice and top value pick.
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Our Top Choice
Gaiam Full-Zip Cargo Pocket Yoga Mat Bags
Gaiam is well known for its range of expertly crafted yoga products like this cotton mat bag with a tree of life design.
Fits most standard sized mats. Soft and durable cotton. One large pocket. Smartphone pocket with headphone opening. Adjustable sling.
May not be large enough for heavy-duty mats, but hundreds of users say it fits their mats with room to spare.
Sling bag
Available in many colors
25" x 6" diameter/26” Wide Mats
2 pockets
Best Value
ProSource Yoga Mat Bag with Side Pocket
ProSource offers simple, top-quality fitness equipment like this yoga mat bag with side pocket and easy cinch top.
Inexpensive. Durable cotton canvas design. Easy cinch top. Side pocket. Fits wider mats.
May not fit thick, heavy-duty mats.
Sling bag
Available in 5 colors
100% Cotton
28" x 6" diameter/28" Wide Mats
1 pocket
Aurorae Yoga Mat Bag – Versatile Tote Bag Style
Aurorae makes an active lifestyle easy with versatile products like the Aurorae Yoga Tote Bag.
Fits most standard sized mats. Easy magnetic closing mechanism. Internal and external pockets. Large storage space for versatile use.
May not fit large mats.
Yoga tote bag
Available in 7 colors/ styles
5” x 6.5” x 11.5”” /28" Wide Mats
4 pockets
Yoga EVO Open Ended Yoga Mat Bag
Yoga EVO goes above and beyond, combining quality with fashion in products like this Open ended 5-Pocket Mat Bag.
5 specialized pockets for clothes, phones, water bottles and more. The open ends accommodate any width mat. Let's your mat breathe to avoid odor.
Doesn't completely cover your mat from the elements.
Open-ended mat bag
Available in 3 colors
Synthetic, antibacterial
12.6" X11.8"X 2.3"/ Any width mat
5 pockets
Yoga[Addict]™ Compact Mat Bag
YogaAddict makes it easy for anyone to get into yoga with highly dependable products like this compact yoga mat bag.
Fits standard size mats. Durable nylon construction. Large pockets. Interior mesh pocket. Extra wide construction. Fits most mats. Ventilated.
If you have lots of gear or a larger-sized mat, you may still want a bigger bag.
Sling bag
Available in 18 colors
Thick nylon
28" x 8" Diameter/26" Wide Mats
2 pockets

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What is the Best Yoga Mat Bag?

If you already have a large or small yoga mat, keep that in mind when purchasing a bag for it. Also, consider whether or not you prefer having pockets for storing items while you're at the studio or walking about. No matter what you're looking for, these yoga experts have products to help you out. We've chosen to focus mainly on standard, sling-style yoga mat bags, since they conveniently free up your hands and are generally lightweight. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and pick a model that best suits your needs.
Our Top Choice
The Gaiam Tree of Life Cargo Mat Bag combines convenience with comfort, featuring roomy pockets and soft cotton exterior. Looking for something a bit different? Gaiam sells a range of mat bags like the On-The-Go Mat Carrier, which fits around any size mat.

Gaiam Tree of Wisdom Yoga Mat Bag – 2 Pockets, Adjustable Cotton Sling Strap, Multiple Designs and Colors

Gaiam is known for their wide variety of well-made, innovative products featuring soothing and attractive designs. The Tree of Life Yoga Mat Bag makes it easy to take your mat and other yoga equipment to the studio, a friend's house or anywhere you need to go with ease. This Gaiam bag comes in a variety of colors and designs including watercress purple, flower burst pink and more.

Let's take a closer look:
  • The durable cotton can easily be filled with your mat and other items without a problem.
  • The cotton material used for the bag as well as the shoulder strap is soft as it is durable so you can be comfortable, even when carrying heavier items.
  • The smaller back pocket is perfect for small items like keys or a smartphone. The pocket even has a slit for headphones.
  • The front pocket is large enough for more yoga gear or personal items you may want to take with you.
  • The strap easily adjusts so you can fit it to your comfort.
Best Value
The ProSource Yoga Mat keeps you and your yoga mat mobile, featuring a simple adjustable strap and cinch-top for quick and comfortable use. Or, if you're looking for an ultra-simple and convenient solution, check out ProSource's Cotton Sling Carry Strap.

ProSource Sling Yoga Mat Bag with Side Pocket and Cinch Top – Folds for Easy Storage, 5 Color Options

ProSource is all about top-quality products with simple designs. Whether you're goal is general fitness, yoga practice, flexibility or relaxation, ProSource has created targeted solutions you can depend on – like the simple, inexpensive and convenient ProSource Yoga Mat Bag.

Let's take a closer look at this mat bag.
  • This bag offers easy-access to a large storage compartment. With an average size mat, you can also store your towel, socks and other gear.
  • The cinch-top opening makes it a breeze to open and close this mat bag so you can get down to business.
  • The side pocket easily fits loose items like your smartphone, keys and wallet.
  • Thick 100% cotton canvas material keeps this bag strong through years of traveling between home and the studio, so you can really get your money's worth.
  • ProSource is so confident about the quality of their products that they offer a 30-day money back guarantee and lifetime limited warranty so you know you're getting great value.
The Prosource Mat Bag comes in black, blue, beige, pink and green.
The Aurorae Yoga Tote Bag is large and convenient, easily doubling as a large shoulder bag for short trips and adventures. Looking for something even more versatile? Take a look at the Aurorae Multi-Purpose Sling Pack.

Aurorae Yoga Mat Tote Bag – Magnetic Snaps, Fits Mats up to 28" Wide, 4 Pockets, Multiple Colors

Dennis Ingui founded Aurorae after his struggle with cancer. He found yoga to be his only outlet for achieving personal fitness and inner peace. Dennis considers himself to be a dedicated student of yoga and wants to spread the inner peace he once found with others. Aurorae's wide variety of yoga lifestyle products go along with Aurorae's other endeavors to serve the community including tips, giveaways, and lifestyle & yoga advice. This versatile bag makes it easy to get to the yoga studio with your mat and gear so you can practice yoga anywhere.

Let's take a closer look.
  • Magnetic snaps quickly and easily close and open for convenient access to your mat and other gear.
  • Versatile large compartment makes this bag ideal for weekend getaways, day-long adventures, shopping and more.
  • The designs you can get this bag in are also versatile so you can choose your style.
  • Special inner pockets make it easy to store valuables and loose items like your smartphone, keys and more.
  • Durable polyester design lets you pack this tote bag with gear or travel necessities without worrying about rips and tears.
This tote bag is available in grey and black with a yoga word jumble design or in a range of captivating patterns.
The Yoga EVO 5-Pocket Mat Bag fits around any size mat and features special 5 pockets for necessities like your water bottle, phone and other gear. Yoga EVO also offers gear to expand your workout possibilities like the Yoga EVO Elastic Stretching Strap with 10 flexible loops and an included instructional video.

Yoga EVO Yoga Mat Bag with Open Ends, Mobile Pocket and Water Bottle Holder – 5 Pockets, Adjustable Straps, 3 Colors

Yoga EVO is dedicated to a simple promise. Their products are guaranteed to be the highest quality. They proudly display their 99% positive user feedback and hundreds of 5 star reviews. With just three specialty yoga & Pilates products, you can tell Yoga EVO sticks to what they know.

Let's see what makes this unique open-ended bag stand out.
  • Since this mat carrier has open ends, you won't have to stuff a sweaty mat inside your closed bag. This design lets your mat breath so any odors are less likely to stick.
  • Five specialized pockets of different sizes make it easy to organize yourself before heading to the yoga studio. Easily store your water bottle, smartphone, towel and other important gear with no problem at all.
  • Smaller mesh pockets inside the larger pockets make it even easier to store small items like keys and money.
  • The adjustable strap makes it easy to carry this mat bag as a duffel bag, hand bag, sling bag or backpack.
The Yoga EVO Mat Bag comes in Cherry Red, Grape Purple and Samurai Black.
The YogaAddict Compact Mat Bag is large enough to carry nearly any mat with room to spare for your towel and other gear, featuring durable nylon construction for long lasting reliability. Looking for higher-end convenience and durability? Check out more YogaAddict products like their Supreme Yoga Mat Bag featuring a larger design with more convenient pockets.

Yoga[Addict]™ Large Yoga Mat Bag With Pockets & Zipper - Extra Wide, Adjustable Strap, Easy Access, 18 Colors

YogaAddict's founder became passionate about the yoga lifestyle after traveling to India. Returning back to the big city, Richee dedicated himself to spreading the lifestyle, making it easier for others to benefit from the many aspects of yoga. That's why YogaAddict products are built for reliability, using thick high quality materials and strong designs like you'll find on the YogaAddict Compact Mat Bag.

Let's see what Richee has in store.
  • Thick nylon construction makes this mat bag last longer than the competition so you won't have to worry about tears and rips.
  • The large exterior pocket is ideal for medium sized yoga gear and other items you might want to travel with.
  • The compact mesh interior pocket makes it easy to store your phone, wallet and keys while you're on the go.
  • This compact mat bag comes in a wide variety of colors so you can choose your own style.
  • The adjustable strap makes it easy to fit this compact bag to your comfort level.
  • This bag is also ventilated to reduce odor buildup.
  • The front compartment expands so you can fit more gear.
The YogaAddict Compact Mat Bag is available in a wide range of colors you can choose between on Amazon.

How Do I Choose the Best Yoga Mat Bag?

Every yoga enthusiast understands that there are a number of specialty items you need for yoga practice. Comfortable clothing, including yoga pants, and your willingness to step away from your busy day, are the key ingredients to a great yoga session. In terms of equipment, you’ll need a great yoga mat and you’re good to begin your yoga experience wherever you go. The yoga mat is what can make or break your practice. Too-thin mats mean sore knees or tailbone, while a poor grip may cause unintentional splits during a hot yoga class.

Probably, you already have a good yoga mat, adorable yoga attire, a yoga towel, and maybe a refillable water bottle to keep hydrated. But, how do you carry these valuable items? Do you have a yoga mat bag? Every yoga mat deserves a worthy home. Whether you always travel with your mat and other yoga accessories, or keep them in your car trunk or at home, a great yoga bag will ensure your accessories are safe and secure.

So, how do you choose the right yoga mat bag? A good model should be more durable than your mat, be of the right length, and be thick enough to withstand the daily beating you give it. Yoga mats with straps allow you to keep your hands free by slinging the mat over your shoulders. However, if you’re going for long hauls, these ropes may not withstand the weight of the mat for long. So, you still need to consider a decent yoga mat bag for better strength and comfort.

Whether you choose to go with the traditional yoga mat bags, slings and harnesses, or yoga duffels, we’ve got you covered. We’ve made your work easier by reviewing five of the best yoga mat bags you can rely on. However, you might want to go through the features to look for when shopping for a yoga mat bag below, and then you can dive into our individual reviews.
Sometimes – and many ladies fall victim to this – we buy yoga mat bags simply because we love the look. Some people will just process their thoughts while shopping by saying, “Ooh, it’s my favorite color, I’ll go for it,” or “I love the flowery design, I’m sold.” Don’t be too quick to judge. Buying a yoga mat bag has much more important considerations to be made. Some good news is that they are relatively affordable, with prices ranging between around $10 and $40 for great-quality bags.

Look out for bags with features that will hold almost everything you bring with you to the yoga session. But also focus on the material, size, portability and, of course, a good color. We always discourage our clients from purchasing very cheap yoga mat bags because they may not always give you value for your money.
Let’s now look at the features that make one yoga mat bag stand out from the rest. The most important considerations are size, material, and style. Other extras are just for aesthetics and personal preference.
  • Size – Size matters a lot when shopping for a yoga mat bag. For newbie yogis, buying a bag may seem as simple as walking into a store and lifting your favorite color off the rack, or browsing through an online store and keying in the credit card. Most bags you’ll find in the store are large enough for PVC-style yoga mats. You need to know the width of your mat and use that as the basis for your choice.
  • Material – Yoga mat bags are made from different materials. Nylon bags are lightweight and look great. These fabrics are also easy to clean in case of stains or spills. Cotton and linen bags are delicate and harder to clean. Canvas, on the other hand, is strong and offers better resistance to spills, is easy to clean, and is extremely durable. Make sure that the fabric is thick and the straps are strong.
  • Style – If you are conscious of style, you’ll find a wide selection of stylish yoga mat bags. There is no right or wrong. Just pick a style that best meets your needs.
Construction and Design
Most yoga mat bags fall into three main categories: harnesses and slings, yoga duffel bags, and traditional yoga mat bags. Each type serves you in a unique way. So, you should consider your needs and pick a model that best suits you.

A yoga mat sling comes with a strap that wraps around the yoga mat. It’s designed to prevent the mat from unrolling while you carry it. The yoga mat harness has an additional wraparound sleeve for extra protection for your mat. Most models are very lightweight and come with cushioned shoulder straps. These two options allow your mat to naturally air-dry, which wouldn’t happen in a closed yoga mat bag. The harness style has adjustable velcro straps, making them flexible enough to accommodate different yoga mat sizes.

The traditional yoga mat bags come in various fabrics and styles. Most models are long enough to accommodate the standard 24” mat, but you can find larger sizes as well. Choose a size that adequately fits your mat and leaves a little room for air flow.
Performance and Ease of Use
Yoga mat bags come in a variety of styles, shapes, and sizes. It’s important to know what type of bag will meet your needs before you decide on which one to purchase. However, you shouldn’t sweat over it too much. You’ll never find a single perfect yoga bag for everyone, but you’ll definitely find one that is perfect for your needs.

Now, you need a bag that will keep your yoga mat protected and perfectly dry to maintain the functionality of the mat. A good yoga mat bag will be vital to the life of your mat. However, you need something that is easy to carry around and hassle-free to clean.

A yoga duffel bag is a great option if you need more room to carry yoga extras like water bottles, yoga blocks, keys, towels, and much more. They come with bottom or side compartments to fit your mat, plus extra stash pockets for your accessories.

If you choose the closed traditional bags, consider models with holes to allow for air circulation and eliminate bacterial growth. Some materials are breathable and will circulate enough air. Materials like linen, cotton, and nylon are quite breathable. Canvas is another great option since you can easily throw it into the washing machine when it gets dirty.

Get the Best Yoga Mat Bag of 2023!

We are glad to have played a part in your quest to find the best yoga mat bag. Feel free to sample other fabulous models from these same brands for more options.

Our Top Choice
Gaiam Full-Zip Cargo Pocket Yoga Mat Bags
Best Value
ProSource Yoga Mat Bag with Side Pocket
Aurorae Yoga Mat Bag – Versatile Tote Bag Style
Yoga EVO Open Ended Yoga Mat Bag
Yoga[Addict]™ Compact Mat Bag