Best Yoga Mat Reviews 2023

Investing in your health and wellness is one of the best things you can do. Yoga is a wonderful activity that provides you with benefits for not only your body but also your mind. Ensuring you have ever advantage in the health department is a must. That is why having a quality yoga mat is important. We scoured the market and found 5 amazing yoga mats (in a range of prices) that will suit not only your budget, but also your needs. We made sure to feature some of the top yoga mat brands so you can be sure that anything they have to offer is of good quality.
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Our Top Choice
Manduka PROlite Mat for Yoga and Pilates – Choose Color and Size
Manduka Closed-cell surface prevents the absorption of sweat or moisture into the mat. Bottom is resistant to sliding due to the proprietary dot pattern design.
Lightweight for ease of portability, great dry traction. 16 color options. Also available in longer 79” version.
Can be slippery when wet
71” x 24”; .2” (5mm) thick
PVC and polyester, latex-free
OEKO-TEX Certified
4.0 pounds
Lifetime guarantee
Best Value
ZenActive Tranquility Yoga Mat with Carrying Strap
Suitable for any skill level, this extra thick yoga mat is 50% thicker than others on the market. A convenient included strap provides you with ease of travel when on the go.
Environmentally friendly, two-sided non-slip surface. Foam cushion for a comfortable stance. Includes over shoulder carrying strap. Available in 4 colors. Money back guarantee.
Cushioned side is comfortable but may slip when wet
72” x 25”, .1/4 inch (7mm) thick
Latex free
SGS approved
4.4 pounds
Limited guarantee
Jade Harmony Professional 3/16-Inch Yoga Mat – Two Sizes
Created with an all-natural rubber, the harmony mat is available in a variety of colors and two different lengths to meet your wellness needs.
Portable, great wet and dry traction. Easy to clean. No PVC or ozone depleting substances. Made in the United States.
Surface absorbs all oil and moisture from sweat.
68” and 74”, 3/16” (4.7 mm) thick
Sustainable, natural rubber
Meets US environmental standards
About 5 pounds for either size
None offered
Gaiam Athletic 2gripMAT Xtra-Large Yoga Mat
Idea mat for hot yoga or advanced sessions. This mat offers dry technology to aid in the absorption of moisture providing a more secure grip.
As you sweat, the mat’s grip increases. The 5mm thickness offers superior joint protection. Larger mat is perfect for taller individuals.
Some reports that when used frequently, the top coating may begin to peel.
78” x 26”, .2” (5mm) thick
Latex free PVC
Free from 6 harmful phthalates
4.0 pounds
Lifetime guarantee
Sivan Health and Fitness NBR Extra Thick Comfort Foam Yoga Mat
At a full ½ thickness, the Sivan Health and Fitness Comfort Foam Yoga Mat is one of the thickest mats offered today. Specially created memory foam material offers superior absorption to impacts and outstanding comfort.
Low cost basic mat. Easy to clean, great for restorative poses, superior joint support
Slippery when wet
71” x 24”, 1/2" (12mm) thick
NBR Memory Foam
No certifications
2.0 pounds
Not available

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What is the Best Yoga Mat?

Choosing just the right yoga mat can be challenging, especially if you are a beginner to the yoga world. There are many different styles and features to consider to find just the right one. But, the good news is, we’ve done the hard work for you and have found 5 of the best yoga mats. Let’s see what they have to offer.
Our Top Choice
The Manduka PROlite Yoga Mat offers a high density cushioning to provide you with comfort and joint protection. Manduka products offer quality and design unlike any other. If you need a larger mat, we suggest the Manduka PRO Yoga and Pilates Mat

Manduka PROlite Yoga and Pilates Mat – Lightweight, Available in Wide Variety of Colors and Two Sizes

Manduka Pro Series mats are considered to be a great environmentally friendly choice. The company prides itself for creating high quality, long-lasting, renewable products and having a large selection of mats available.

With Manduka’s closed-cell technology, the PROlite mat doesn’t absorb sweat or oil, helping to prohibit the growth of bacteria. Because of this technology, the PROlite doesn’t require a deep cleaning like traditional mats. A simple spray and wipe is all that is needed. Traction versatility on any surface from carpet to hardwood floors allows for a secure placement.

The PROlite Mat is available in two sizes – Standard (71" x 24") and Long (79" x 24") -- both of which boast a thickness of 5 mm which provides great cushioning for all types of exercises such as yoga and pilates.
Construction and Design
Since the company began, Manduka has taken the responsibility of reducing global consumption to heart. Because of this they offer superior products that both outperform and outlast the competition.

Made with PVC, an eco-certified material, the PROlite is designed for maximum durability. Available in a multitude of colors such as Purple, Isabella, Midnight, Binda and more, you are sure to find one that suits your style and personality. The deep cushioning PVC material provides you with a soft and comfortable surface for the most advanced poses.
Performance and Ease of Use
Manduka is a company known for both performance and quality. Their mats are hand crafted using natural and renewable materials for an environmentally product.

Weighing only 4 pounds for the Standard model (4.6 pounds for the Long), the PROlite rolls up tightly and securely to offer you with great portability when on the go. The closed-cell technology makes this a suitable choice for hot yoga sessions where you will be sweating more. The dry traction on the PROlite is superior, but the wet traction can be a little slippery. It’s best to keep a towel with you to add additional traction on top.
Best Value
The ZenActive Tranquility Yoga Mat offers you the ability to relieve stress. ZenActive products pride themselves in quality and performance. We think you will also love their eco-friendly yoga towels.

Zen Active Non-Slip Yoga Mat - Extra Long 72" Latex Free Memory Foam (1/4" thick) Exercise Mat

ZenActive offers environmentally friendly products that are created to be the most convenient and comfortable products on the market. The company prides itself in creating quality products which are constantly being improved by yoga professionals to provide you with superior products to assist you in your health and wellness goals.

Sturdy, secure but soft and comfortable. This mat helps to ensure your knees stay in the proper aligned position to keep your injury free. No matter how much sweat pours off of you, the non-slip surface will stay secure and steady throughout your workout.
Construction and Design
Designed exclusively by yoga professionals to help deliver you the best quality performance in a yoga mat. The ZenActive tranquility yoga mat helps you to relieve stress, improve overall wellness and flexibility throughout the body. The increased thickness at 7mm helps to provide you with a comfortable surface for those longer sessions.

This high quality yoga and exercise mat provides a great balance between thickness and weight – providing great comfort without being too heavy for easy portability. At 1/4 inch, with dimensions of 72 x 25 inches, it’s bigger than the standard size that many brands offer. It only weighs 4.4 pounds and comes with a strap that goes over your shoulder which makes it super easy to take with you on the go.
Performance and Ease of Use
When put through the test, the ZenActive tranquility mat stood up to even the most advanced sessions like hot yoga and more. The custom design provides you with a quality mat that will stand up to the elements and repeated frequent use. The double sided non-slip sides give you a secure grip and a comfortable memory foam surface.

There’s an expression, if you look good, you feel good. Well with ZenActive you also get to choose a mat color that looks good too – maybe even making you feel better while working out. There are for great colors to choose from – black, pink, blue and green.
The Jade Yoga Harmony Mat offers tranquility and peace both rolled into one mat. Jade Yoga products provide you with eco-friendly options that offer superior durability. While the Harmony Mat is a great choice, you might also like the Jade Fusion which is .3 inches thick.

Jade Yoga Harmony Mat – Exercise Mat for Yoga, Pilates and More. Natural Rubber. Two Length and 9 Color Options.

Jade Yoga knows that comfort and a secure grip are want many yogis want in their mat. Jade mats are not only providing these two elements, but they are also eco-friendly and made from sustainable natural rubber. Their mats contain no EVA, PVC or synthetic rubber.

Jade Yoga is a company with a strong focus on both the environment and giving back. Every time a mat is sold, they plant a tree through a their Trees for the Future partnership. Other could causes benefit when you purchase one of their mats to with $5 going to breast cancer charites for pink, autism groups for saffron and ovarian cancer for teal mats.
Construction and Design
The harmony mat provides great cushioning and traction to provide you with ultimate stability for even the most advanced poses. The open-cell technology offers superior slip-resistance even when wet. Depending upon your needs you can choose either the 68 inch or 74 inch version, both of which are 3/16-inch thick and 24 inches wide.

Considered the yoga mat with the best dry traction, the Jade Yoga harmony mat sticks to the floor like glue to help keep your mat secure for use with the most advanced poses. When put to the test for wet traction, this yoga mat still comes out on top. The top layer cushioning provides the support for joint protection during your workout.
Performance and Ease of Use
If you need to transport your mat with you on the go, the Harmony mat rolls up tightly and compactly to travel with ease. Frequent use is not an issue as well, this mat offers superior durability, for regular usage even with the most advanced yoga sessions.

This mat can be easily washed in soap and warm water. Every once in a while, it’s a good idea to give it a deeper clean in the sink or tub. With superior slip resistance, you don’t have to worry about a secure footing even during the highest impact sessions.
The GAIAM Athletic 2gripMAT yoga mat provides you with a secure mat for even the toughest of poses. GAIAM products offer superior quality and long-lasting durability. Sharing your love of yoga with your kids? Check out the Gaiam Kids Yoga Mat in 7 stylish designs.

Gaiam Athletic Yoga Series 2gripMAT Extra Large Exercise Mat for for Yoga and Pilates. Two Color Options.

Gaiam is considered to be one of the leading manufacturers of yoga mats. A few years ago there was only a small selection of yoga mats to choose from, but Gaiam has raised the bar significantly in this market. One of the things that this company takes pride in is the fact their yoga mats are free from the 6 most harmful phthalates (DEHP, DBP, BBP, DINP, DIDP, and DNOP) and they are latex free too.

Gaiam athletic mats are specially designed with the athlete in mind. For those that participate in Hot Yoga or advanced classes, you know how wet your mat can get, that is why the Gaiam Athletic 2gipMAT, Xtra-Large Mat is just for you. With the creation of Dry-Tech technology, you can enjoy a dry, non-slip surface for the duration of your session.
Construction and Design
The extra-large size, at nearly 10-inches longer and 2-inces wider than your other traditional yoga mats, makes it great for taller individuals. The actual dimensions are 78 by 26 inches with a thickness of 5 mm. The Dry-Tech technology helps to keep the surface of your mat dry through the absorption of sweat. Backed with PVC backing, this mat is lightweight in design so you don’t have to worry about being bogged down with extra weight to and from class.

When it comes to color, Gaiam gives you a few options with this exercise mat because both models are double sided. You can go for black and grey, or the brighter green and grey.
Performance and Ease of Use
The extra-large surface provides much more surface area for taller individuals or those just looking for a larger mat. Equipped with the Dry-Tech technology, the top layer absorbs sweat, keeping your footing secure and slip-free. This is extremely beneficial if you participate in hot yoga or advanced sessions where the sweat just pours off of you.

This is a professional quality fitness mat that is good for both regular and hot yoga, and can stand up not only to home use, but also studio and gym usage as well.
The Sivan Health and Fitness Comfort Support Yoga Mat gives you support in your knees and joints, a vital element in choosing the right yoga mat. Sivan products are revolutionizing the health and wellness industry.

Sivan Exercise Mat for Yoga, and Pilates – 71” Long, 1/2 Inch NBR Comfort Foam. Seven Colors. Lightweight Travel Mat.

Sivan’s attention to ensuring their customers are satisfied creates a superior yoga mat for any skill level. Supportive and portable the memory foam comfort mat allows for high impact poses without worry of damage. The ribbed outer surface provides you with a non-slip grip to keep your mat and place and avoid injuries. Durable and long-lasting, this mat is ideal for all types of workouts such as yoga, stretching, and Pilates.
Construction and Design
Constructed using a durable NBR fam, this mat is great for all activity and skill levels. The integrated strap allows you to easily transport your mat whenever you need. The impact absorption of the memory foam is comfortable enough for long-lasting support and thick enough to give you superior joint protection.

The size of this mat is good for most people at 71 x 24 inches. Even though it boasts a higher than average thickness of 1/2 inch, it’s still nice and light weight for portability, weighing only 2 pounds. This makes it a great travel yoga mat.
Performance and Ease of Use
Portability, comfort and stability is what the Memory Foam Comfort Mat offers you. The trifecta in terms of yoga mats, this mat allows you to easily move from pose to pose without worry of sliding or moving. A stable, secure mat is important when it comes to safety. Additionally, the thicker memory foam material offers knee and joint support to help prevent injuries when in use.

How Do I Choose the Best Yoga Mat?

So you’ve made the decision to join the millions of people dedicated to keeping both their mind and bodies healthy and fit. Just as runners have many different choices when it comes to finding a solid pair of running shoes, you have a wide variety of options when it comes to a quality yoga mat.

At Top Reviews, we understand that having the right information can help you to make an informed purchasing decision when it comes to finding a yoga mat to meet your needs and budget. With a variety of styles and designs available, the first step in choosing the right yoga mat for you is to consider a few different factors. Factors such as price, length of use, and level of experience are all considerations when choosing a yoga mat.

We really did our research on the best yoga mats on the market today and have come across a few quality products that should meet your wellness needs. From beginner yoga mats, to more advanced mats and everything in between, there is something to meet everyone’s budget and skill level. For this review, we focused on yoga mats that offer different price tags and features. No matter which of the 5 finalists you end up choosing, you are sure to find one that fits your lifestyle.

Whether you are looking for a thicker, more durable mat or a lightweight travel mat that is easy to carry from place to place, let’s take a closer look at the things you need to consider when choosing the best yoga mat for your needs.
When you are trying to find a quality yoga mat, you have to figure out how much emotional and physical well-being are worth to you? You could go with a more inexpensive yoga mat for $15 or go with a higher end specialty mat starting at $100. The different factors that affect the price of a yoga mat include material, thickness, durability and features. You may end up investing more in an easy to clean, durable mat than a thinner, more inexpensive one, but the initial investment is well worth the lifespan of the product.
Yoga mats on the market today offer a variety of features and design elements to provide benefits for different skill levels. Some yoga mats may include features such as:
  • Lightweight material for easy travel
  • Hypoallergenic materials
  • Absorbent material
  • Texture traction for proper stance
These are only a few of the many beneficial features. Depending on your skill level and wellness needs, you are sure to find a product that fits your requirements.
Construction and Design
Today’s yoga mats are constructed with durability and absorbency in mind to help aid you in the best workout for both mind and body. Your skill level may determine the materials and design benefits you are looking for. Newcomers may opt to choose an inexpensive beginner yoga mat to help them as they learn the more advanced poses and elements of yoga. While more advanced users may want to go with a higher quality specialty mat that will provide them with long-lasting durability for many years to come.

For example, a beginner mat helps to provide the foundation for enhancing their yoga skills. If you are someone that travels frequently but still wants to make sure you get a quality workout, a travel mat may be the one for you. Travel yoga mats are often constructed of a more lightweight material, ensuring ease of portability. The various products in our review will offer you a selection of features and benefits to allow you to select a mat that will help you create a universal wellness throughout your body and mind.
Performance and Ease of Use
Stability and comfort are often the most important factors when determining the type of yoga mat to purchase. The materials, thickness and texture all play a vital role in the style and design of mat you may choose. If you suffer from allergies, choosing a hypoallergenic material may be an option.

For those with advanced yoga techniques and skills, it may be worthwhile to invest the extra money in a mat that will provide you with the durability and lifespan you are looking for to enhance your skillset.

Portability, ease of cleanup, and absorbency are all other things to consider when choosing a quality yoga mat. Figuring out what features matter the most will help to determine the type of mat that will fit your needs and help to provide you with a more balanced healthy lifestyle.

Get the Best Yoga Mat of 2023!

We hope that the information we have presented will help you to make a better, more informed decision on which yoga mat will help you to move forward in your journey of health and wellness. With our shortlist of our top 5 choices on the market, you are sure to find one that will aid you in achieving your health goals.

Our Top Choice
Manduka PROlite Mat for Yoga and Pilates – Choose Color and Size
Best Value
ZenActive Tranquility Yoga Mat with Carrying Strap
Jade Harmony Professional 3/16-Inch Yoga Mat – Two Sizes
Gaiam Athletic 2gripMAT Xtra-Large Yoga Mat
Sivan Health and Fitness NBR Extra Thick Comfort Foam Yoga Mat