Best Yoga Set Reviews — Yoga Starter Kits for Beginners

Getting into yoga for the first time can be intimidating! Luckily, starter yoga kits provide everything you need to get started, whether you're practicing at home or at the gym. The ideal yoga kit usually includes a high-quality non-slip mat, carrying case, towel, and a few other items such as blocks and straps, which are used for various yoga positions. We've looked at five of the best yoga set brands to create a shortlist you can use in your search. If you want to go for individual pieces, look at our list of yoga and Pilates product reviews to find what you need.

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Our Top Choice
Sivan Yoga 6 Piece Beginner’s Yoga Kit
Sivan creates high end yoga equipment with the best materials like in the Sivan 6-Piece Beginner's Set.
Luxurious memory foam mat. Soft, microfiber absorbent towels. 2 blocks. Yoga strap. Durable materials.
The mat may become slippery when wet, so it may not be ideal for hot yoga.
Full Set
7 Colors
Memory Foam, Microfiber
1 included
2 included
Best Value
Gaiam Yoga Kit for Beginners with Mat and DVD (4 Pieces)
Gaiam is committed to the yoga lifestyle, offering a range of products like the Yoga for Beginners Kit.
Printed design for easy alignment. Block & strap. Instructional video. Inexpensive.
The mat isn't as soft as some higher-end mats, but good for people just starting out before choosing better one.
Basic Set
3 colors
PVC, Foam, Cotton
1 included
1 included
GoFit Beginner Yoga Set (4 Pieces)
GoFit specializes in lightweight and durable essential fitness equipment like you'll find in this yoga set.
Non-slip mat. Durable block. Comfortable, cotton strap. Mesh carrying bag. Basic yoga instruction manual.
Less durable than more expensive models, but still lasts long and worth the price.
Full Set
Foam, Cotton, Nylon
1 included
1 included
Yes4All NBR Yoga Starter Kit
Yes4All creates simple, high quality yoga equipment like this full set so anyone can get into yoga with ease.
Durable materials. Extra-thick, soft foam mat. Blocks & straps. Towel. Carrying strap.
A small number of users say this mat may slide more than others.
Full Set
3 colors
Soft Foam
1 included
2 included
ZenGear Yoga Starter Set with Mat with Bag
ZenGear creates simple, functional and stylish fitness gear like this high quality mat and bag.
6' long mat. Stylish bag. Textured surface mat for non-slip grip. Two secure pockets. Comfortable, adjustable strap.
No included blocks, straps or towels.
Mat & Bag

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What is the Best Yoga Set?

We looked at specialty fitness and yoga brands that are known for high-quality materials, so you can have the most comfortable workout possible. We compared prices to find reasonable sets in different sizes, ranging from basic kits to full sets of equipment. So, go ahead and pick your desired kit and jump start your journey to fulfilling yoga sessions.

If you are ready to take on more advanced yoga, you may also be interested in one of these yoga sets that come with more pieces.

Our Top Choice
The Sivan 6-Piece Yoga Set features luxuriously soft memory foam and microfiber absorbency towels for the best yoga experience for beginners and seasoned users alike. Don't need the full set? Check out Sivan's individual products like the 71" ultra-thick yoga mat to take your yoga or Pilates to the next level of comfort and practice

Sivan 6-Piece Yoga Starter Set– Ultra Thick Mat, 2 Blocks, 2 Microfiber Towels, Yoga Strap, 7 Color Choices

Sivan's variety of yoga products use ultra-comfortable materials for optimal support and comfort. There products tend to be both stylish and convenient, like you'll find in this complete 6-piece set.

Let's see what makes the Sivan Yoga Set stand out.
  • Memory foam gives the mat a unique level of support and comfort that you won't find and many other mats.
  • A carrying strap is built-in to the mat for an even more convenient carrying experience – you won't have to worry about losing or finding a separate carrying strap.
  • The bottom side of the mat has a textured non-slip surface to grip the floor and avoid injury and movement.
  • The micro-fiber towels are built to absorb more liquid to keep you sweat free during long workouts.
  • Two sturdy blocks give you the support and versatility to tackle a variety of poses.
  • The included strap can be used to ease yourself into more challenging poses and slowly develop your skills.
This yoga starter kit comes in black, purple, red, blue, green, pink and teal.
Best Value
Propel yourself into the world of yoga with this Gaiam basic set and instructional DVD, providing you everything you need to get started. Or check out some of Gaiam's higher end products like the Classic Balance Ball Chair – which doubles as a yoga ball and supportive (yet bouncy) chair!

Gaiam Yoga Beginner Kit – Instructional DVD, Mat, Block, Straps, 3 Colors

Gaiam offers a wide range of yoga products, many featuring elegant designs that not only look beautiful, but also help to find your ideal positions on the mat. This basic set features a useful printed design, instructional video and other useful features.

Let's take a closer look:
  • The mat is printed with a guiding design to help align your positions for better results. Easily straighten your body or hands and feet with the image to align your body.
  • The instructional DVD help you get into the yoga rhythm with simple programs you can follow.
  • Durable PVC material is used for the mat so you can use it for years to come.
This set comes in blue, brown and purple.
Gofit's Yoga Kit is an easy way to get into yoga for anyone, offering everything you need to learn and ease your way into more challenging poses. If you don't need a full set, check out some of GoFits many other fitness and well-being products like the GoFit Foot & Hand Massage Roller.

GoFit Yoga Starter Kit – Non-Slip Mat, Yoga Block, Strap, Carrying Bag

GoFit creates simple, easy-to-use products to help everyone get started on a healthy path. From massage bars and resistance bands to this full yoga set, GoFit is the easy answer.

Let's see how the GoFit Yoga Kit eases you into a healthier lifestyle.
  • The textured non-slip mat won't move around or slip during use, so you can safely practice new poses without the worry.
  • The included straps help to align your body and ease you into more challenging poses.
  • The included yoga block is built to be durable and supportive to help in certain poses.
  • The mesh bag makes it easy to walk to the yoga studio without the hassle.
  • An included instruction manual gives basic instructions and shows you some of the foundational yoga poses so you can easily get started right away.
The Yes4All Yoga Kit makes it possible for anyone to get into the world of yoga, featuring high quality mat, straps, blocks and a towel to improve the entire yoga experience. For other fun ways to get into yoga, check Yes4All's other individual products such as the Balancing Stability Yoga Ball.

Yes4All Beginner Yoga Set – Variety of Kit Options, Full Set Includes Mat, Blocks, Carrying Strap, Yoga Strap and Towel, 3 Color Choices

Yes4All's high quality sports equipment makes it easy to break into a new hobby while having fun. Their products are designed for comfort, which is why so many users praise their soft foam yoga mat as being "squishier" and softer than other brands.

Let's see what this kit has to offer:
  • The included blocks and straps can be used for a variety of yoga positions and are especially useful for beginners trying to ease their way into medium and advanced techniques.
  • The mat is made with soft, high-density foam for durability and comfort you'll rely on during long sessions.
  • The mat features a textured surface so you can easily grip onto it to avoid slipping.
  • The mat is also non-toxic and latex free so you can feel safe while you practice.
This full set comes in blue, black and purple.
The ZenGear Yoga Mat & Carrier Bag is a great way to get into yoga, featuring pockets for your smartphone, keys and other valuables as well as a stylish design and high quality non-slip yoga mat. ZenGear also offers other fun, high quality products to help you in yoga, meditation and other naturalistic pursuits, including the ZenGear Dharma Yoga Wheel.

ZenGear Starter Set - Great Beginners Yoga Set with Extra Long Mat, Durable Bag, Secure Pockets

ZenGear has created products to aid in naturalistic health pursuits like yoga, meditation and Pilates. This particular set makes it easy to get into yoga, especially for those going to a yoga studio, since it has pockets for your valuables.

Let's see what this bag and mat have to offer.
  • The gray and orange carrier bag is both stylish and durable, featuring thick cotton canvas material.
  • The bag features a convenient drawstring top and secure pockets with zippers and straps for added safety when you store your smartphone, keys and other items.
  • The bag also features a comfortable shoulder strap that makes it easy to sling over your shoulder and get on your way.
  • The included mat is high quality, comfortable and uses a textured surface to avoid slipping and potentially causing injury.

How Do I Choose the Best Yoga Set?

When people describe yoga, they always say, “It makes me feel so good! It relaxes me!” Well, yoga is a form of exercise that incorporates controlled breathing and meditation. It is the only exercise that enables you to expand your spirit, meet your challenges, explore your limits, and connect with your heart. Yoga enthusiasts believe that by practicing yoga, you are able to improve the quality of life through a holistic approach and achieve great health and well being.

So, you’ve decided to finally attend that yoga class that your friend has been telling you about. Or, you’ve bought some excellent yoga DVDs and want to jump start your journey to this unique workout regime at home. But, how and where do you start? A yoga set is an excellent way to get you started into yoga. What’s more, these beginner yoga kits offer good value for money, allowing you to save by buying everything as a package rather than buying them separately.

How do you know which is the best yoga starter set? In general, good yoga kits should come with a yoga mat, one or two blocks, and a strap; others might add a yoga ball, video, or additional accessories such as a carrying bag or matching water bottle. A yoga mat, for instance, is an essential equipment for any yogi. A good mat will help you remain comfortable and safe during those floor exercises. Just make sure you clean it regularly with a natural mat cleaner to increase its durability and keep it germ-free.

The most important factor to consider when buying a beginner's yoga set is the quality of the accessories. Make sure the mat provides control, comfort, and support. You can even ask to try out the mat or block before you purchase, or you can get recommendations from friends or online reviews.

Let’s look at the consideration factors, to know what to look out for in a good kit, to help you find the one that's right for your goals and level of experience.

Benefits of Yoga for Mind, Mood and Quality of Life

Yoga and its connection to mental health. | Courtesy of Nikolai Blinow TEDx Talk

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As a beginner yogi, you have the option of creating your own yoga bag by buying each item individually and then assembling them into a kit that you can take to your studio—or get a better deal by buying everything as a package. Starter yoga sets are often less expensive than buying each item separately. The idea is to help you save some money - and learn about what types of supplies and features work best for you (without wasting money on the wrong ones until you know).

The prices range from $20 to $40 or more, depending on the durability and extra accessories that come with the kit. But be careful with the cheap yoga kits available on the market as they might not come with the right accessories needed for your yoga classes; it’s usually worth it to spend more for a better-suited kit.
Are you a new yogi? Here are some pieces typically included in yoga kits and equipment that will help you get started.

  • Yoga Mat -Also known as a sticky mat or non-skid mat, a yoga mat is essential equipment to all yogis as it helps prevent your feet and hands from slipping during exercises. Although most yoga gyms provide this item for you during the session, it’s always advisable to have your own. Look for a mat that’s thick enough to offer you the desired cushion and offers sufficient friction. Comfort should be your first priority when selecting a yoga mat. Cotton and rubber mats are excellent as they’re easy to clean and are also environmentally-friendly.

  • Yoga Block -This is an excellent tool for beginners. Yoga blocks help increase flexibility and allow you to maintain appropriate postures when you’re unable to reach the floor. As a novice yogi, your flexibility will most certainly be a bit off when starting out. But not to worry; blocks will provide an elevated surface that you can hold onto whenever you’re unable to reach the floor, and help you improve your suppleness, progressively. They also help prevent injuries!

  • Yoga Straps-These are meant to assist your body when bending, especially in instances where you’re trying to reach the legs with your hands. These are essential for beginners, especially those with tight hamstrings and shoulders. They can even act as support in poses like handstands, chaturanga, and restorative poses. The straps come in different colors, so you can choose one that matches the color of your mat or yoga pants.
Construction and Design
Whether you’re just starting out as a yogi or are already on your way to becoming a yoga pro, having the right yoga kit will help you to explore and enjoy the different yoga styles out there.

A yoga session cannot be complete without a mat to practice on, and the type of yoga mat you’ll require will depend on your level of experience and how frequently you will be attending your yoga classes. If you’re comfortable with the once-a-week Hatha class, a standard mat made of rubber or PVC is good enough, but if you’re a Bikram enthusiast, then look for cotton mat options. These are excellent for absorbing sweat while still maintaining a perfect grip, even when wet.

One of the most important considerations when buying a yoga set is to make sure that the accessories are designed to offer you the desired support during your yoga session. For practices such as Taoist, yin, and restorative yoga, the highest priority should be given to comfortable clothing and kit, as you will be required to remain still for long durations.

15-minute Morning Yoga Workout for Beginners

Beginner Yoga Moves for Weight Loss, Strength and Mobility. | Courtesy of Sarah Beth Yoga
Performance and Ease of Use
Other than the beginner's yoga kit that you will require when starting off as a novice yogi, there are other accessories that you may want to get in case you decide to take this exercise to a more advanced stage. Yoga gloves are an important, yet inexpensive addition to your yoga kit bag, especially if you find your hands slipping a lot when trying to maintain poses on the mat. Also, yoga socks are perfect for improving your grip, particularly if you practice Bikram or hot yoga.

A bag that is specially designed for your mat makes it easier for you to carry it around, as well as special yoga mat cleaners to preserve its lifespan (and keep it smelling fresh). It’s also good to buy form-fitting clothes for your yoga sessions. Remember your most important concern here is comfort; so, look for something that doesn’t move so much that it diverts your attention during your session.

So, it’s official! You are ready to travel the road towards sanity and inner healing, in this world full of craziness of all sizes and shapes. Having the best yoga kit will make sure that your yoga sessions become your most fulfilling hours,after a long and tiring day!

Get the Best Yoga Set of 2023!

Even if you're new to yoga, it may be a good choice to buy a reasonably priced full set, since you get great value and the ability to improve certain yoga poses with the use of blocks and straps. No matter what you're looking for, these brands sell some of the best yoga equipment you can find. We hope our list helped you find the best yoga kit, but if you weren’t moved by our picks, feel free to browse through other yoga sets by the same brands.

Our Top Choice
Sivan Yoga 6 Piece Beginner’s Yoga Kit
Best Value
Gaiam Yoga Kit for Beginners with Mat and DVD (4 Pieces)
GoFit Beginner Yoga Set (4 Pieces)
Yes4All NBR Yoga Starter Kit
ZenGear Yoga Starter Set with Mat with Bag

Yoga Set FAQs

How to set up the perfect at-home yoga studio
Pick a flat surface that measures 2.7 m (9 feet) by 2.7 m (9 feet), at least. A wall should be close by for inversions such as shoulder stands. Employing a minimalist approach, declutter your yoga area for reduced distractions. Get yourself adjustable lighting to set the mood or have the room next to an open window to allow natural light if you prefer a well- lit yoga studio. Set up your preferred sound or visual system accordingly and stock the studio with all the equipment you will need. And of course, make sure you have good surface for exercising. If you want something more durable, you'll want a gym mat - otherwise a yoga mat will do.
How to clean a yoga mat
Cleaning a yoga mat is easy. Firstly, you’ll need to add a few drops of dish soap into a spray bottle with warm water. Spritz the soap solution onto your mat and scrub it down with a microfiber cloth. However, remember that going too hard on the mat will remove its natural sticky nature, so be careful not to overdo it. Do this for both sides of the mat. Lastly, rinse the mat and let it air dry. You may also want to pick up a bottle of yoga mat cleaner to use while you are out and about (or if you don't want to mix your own solution).
What are the basic yoga postures?
Yoga is an ancient practice with a lot of poses and stretches. Let’s look at some of the first poses to learn. There is the standing pose called the Mountain Pose (Tadasana in Sanskrit). The Chair Pose (Utkatasana) could get you started off well. You might have heard of this next one, the Downward-Facing Dog (Adho mukha svanasana). This should not be confused with the Down Dog on a Chair (Uttana shishosana). Start with these, and you’ll yet be a guru. If you are not able to take yoga classes, there are lots of great yoga videos available to get you going in no time.