Best Yoga Towel Reviews 2022

Yoga towels are a brilliant way to keep you from slipping and falling when mastering the art of yoga, whether it’s Bikram, Hatha, Hot, or Cold! To help you choose your ideal yoga towel, we have selected the best yoga towel brands on the market as well as a product to feature from each. This will give you a better feel for what’s out there and what it is you want in your new yoga towel!
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Our Top Choice
Aurorae Yoga Mat with Towel
Aurorae is a family-run business that is passionate about everything yoga related. They create comfortable, easy-to-use products that improve your yoga session and peace of mind, too.
Aurorae’s Yoga Mat is suitable for a variety of different yoga styles. It has a non-slip towel surface that prevents the mat from slipping, and it’s latex-free!
Unfortunately, this mat is hand-wash only.
72” x 24”
3.8 lb.
Available in 5 colors
Best Value
Fit Spirit Microfiber Yoga Towel
Fit Spirit is a big fan of yoga and wants to inspire its customers to explore the wonderful world of yoga, too! If health and happiness is what you’re after, then Fit Spirit could be just what you’re looking for.
Fit Spirit’s Microfiber Yoga Towels come in 2 different sizes and 3 different colors. They’re super absorbent and lightweight, meaning you can use them for outdoor activities too.
Some customers found that the yoga towel moved too much during exercise.
24" x 72" and 15" x 24"
Available in 3 colors
Manduka Yogitoes Yoga Towel
Manduka was created in 1997 by yoga enthusiast Peter Sterios. Today Manduka creates products that are beneficial to its customers and the environment.
Manduka’s Yogitoes Yoga Towels are available in a whopping 28 colors and made from 50% recycled materials! Easy to care for, these towels are also machine-washable.
These towels are more expensive in comparison to other yoga towels available on the market.
24” x 5” x 5”
Silicone nubs and microfiber
Available in 28 colors
Yoga Design Lab Hot Yoga Towel
Yoga Design Lab is a brand all about creating unique, fun products that are kind to the environment and unlike anything else on the market today.
The Hot Yoga Towel from Yoga Design Lab has an extra-long design that covers your entire mat and is machine-washable and tumble dryer-friendly too!
Some customers found the towel too large to travel with.
72” x 24”
Plush microfiber
Available in 12 colors
YogaRat Microfiber Yoga Towel
YogaRat is an active lifestyle brand that was created in Santa Monica back in 2008. It aims to bring its customers beautiful, affordable products that will last a lifetime.
The Microfiber Yoga Towel from YogaRat is machine-washable and tumble dryer-friendly too. It’s available in 17 gorgeous designs and is portable as well!
Some customers found that the towel was prone to bunching.
24" x 72" or 24" x 68"
100% Microfiber
Available in 17 colors

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What is the Best Yoga Towel?

Fingers and toes crossed, after looking through our buying guide you have a clearer idea of what you’re looking for in your new yoga towel. This should make it easier when looking through products and deciding which towel is best for you and your yoga routine. So, let’s not waste any time and get browsing through out top 5 picks!
Our Top Choice
If you’re after a new yoga mat that’s suitable for both hot and hatha yoga, then Aurorae’s non-slip yoga mat may be the product for you! If you’re after a mat specifically for hot yoga, however, then make sure you have a nose at Aurorae’s Non Slip Hot Microfiber Yoga Mat instead.

Aurorae 5mm Thick Synergy Hot Yoga Mat with Integrated Microfiber Towel – Available in 5 Colors

Created in 2009 by yoga student Dennis Ingui, Aurorae is a family-run business that specializes in creating yoga mats. Ingui created the brand after he was diagnosed with cancer and began focusing on yoga to strengthen his body and peace of mind. Today, Aurorae’s yoga mats are the top rated yoga mats on Amazon and one of the top yoga mat companies in the country!

Aurorae’s Yoga Mat is a firm favorite of ours as it’s available in lots of fun colors and comes highly recommended on other review sites! This 5mm patented yoga matt has a non-slip microfiber towel top surface, which basically means that the more you sweat the more it grips! This makes Aurorae’s mat perfect for hot, Bikram, and Ashtanga yoga. This technology also means the mat doesn’t bunch up or move when exercising so you can focus more on your breathing and less on slipping and falling over! The mat is also odor-free and super absorbent, and its soft design means it’s soft on your hands, feet, and bum as well!
Best Value
Fit Spirit’s Microfiber Towels are perfect for anyone new to yoga looking for a durable product that’s soft and super absorbent! If you’re looking for a hand towel instead, why not take a look at Fit Spirit’s Microfiber Skid-less Sport Towels?

Fit Spirit Microfiber Yoga Towel & Hand Towel – Available in 3 Colors

Fit Spirt is committed to bringing its customers a life of wellness, serenity, and peace. The brand’s goal is to produce products that inspire its customers to discover yoga and other health-enhancing activities. If you’re new to the world of yoga and looking to take your first (perfectly balanced) step, then Fit Spirit is the brand for you!

Fit Sprit’s Microfiber Yoga Towels are available in over 3 different snazzy colors and come highly recommended on Amazon! These towels are great not only for yoga, but swimming, travelling, and camping as well. They are specifically designed for high performance and durability, meaning they won’t fall apart after the first few uses. The fibers in these towels are professionally woven into the fabric for a soft and comfortable feel. Fit Spirit’s towels also use microfiber technology that combines heightened drying properties with super absorption, perfect for when you work up a sweat! These towels are also incredibly lightweight making them easily portable and suitable for a variety of exercises and outdoor activities.
Manduka’s Yoga Towels are a great way to keep you centered during a variety of yoga practices. Not only this, these handy little towels are eco-friendly too! If you’re after a hand towel for your yoga workouts, then make sure you check out Manduka’s eQua Yoga Hand Towel as well.

Manduka Yogitoes Premium Skid-Less Yoga Towel – Available in 28 Colors & 2 Sizes

Started in 1997 by yoga lover Peter Sterios, Manduka recognizes the importance of properly designed equipment when it comes to the art of practicing yoga. Today, Manduka performance mats and products are unmatched on the marketplace and are quickly becoming a firm favorite amongst yoga lovers the world over. Their products are created through simple designs and natural products wherever possible in order to create products that are beneficial to you and the environment!

We really love Manduka’s Yogitoes Yoga Towel because it’s available in so many colors and is eco-friendly too! This super absorbent towel is designed to be an extra layer on top of your yoga mat to prevent any slipping and sliding that may interfere with your practice. The patented SkilessA dots on the towel grip onto both the mat and your hands and feet to help keep you centered. All the dyes used in these towels are lead, azo, and heavy metal-free, and are made from 50% recycled materials; 8 recycled bottles to be precise! Easy to care for, these towels are both machine-washable and tumble dryer-friendly too.
If you’re passionate about the environment, yoga, and all things bright and colorful then let us introduce you to Yoga Design Lab’s Hot Yoga Towel! If you’re after a smaller towel, however, then why not check out Yoga Design Lab’s Eco-Friendly Hand Towel instead?

Yoga Design Lab Eco-Friendly & Light-Weight Printed Hot Yoga Towel – Available in 12 Colors

Yoga Design Lab was created when owner Chad realized that most yoga mats on the market were mass produced and, basically, all the same! He believed that he could create a functional product that worked brilliantly and looked stunning, too. Chad wanted to design products that made people more excited about yoga. By mixing fashionable designs with functionality and environmentally friendly materials, Yoga Design Lab has been able to make a line of exceptional products that make a difference to its customers and the world we live in.

The Hot Yoga Towel from Yoga Design Lab is lightweight, non-slip, and incredibly absorbent! This lowers the risk of injury and helps to improve your balance as well. Available in over 12 different designs, the Hot Yoga Towel is made from water-based ink and non-fade prints. Its long design will cover your entire mat and is suitable for a whole range of other indoor and outdoor activities and exercises.
YogaRat’s Microfiber Yoga Towel is the perfect accompaniment to your yoga sessions; it prevents slips and falls, and looks pretty good, too! If you’re after a product that comes as a set then don’t forget to check out YogaRat’s Mat-length Yoga Towel and Yoga Hand Towel Set, too!

YogaRat Microfiber Yoga Towel with Textured Weave – Available in 17 Colors & 4 Sizes

Created in Santa Monica in 2008, YogaRat is an active lifestyle brand that aims to bring its customers affordable, quality products that are beautifully designed. All of YogaRat’s products are also free from toxic chemicals and are made with eco-friendly materials and minimal packaging!

We wanted to feature YogaRat’s Microfiber Yoga Towel due to its variety of colors and sizing options and its great reviews on Amazon! Easy to care for, this towel is machine-washable and tumble drier-friendly. This yoga towel will help extend the life of your yoga mat by soaking up perspiration (yum!) and reducing the likelihood of slips and falls at the same time. Made from 100% microfiber, it includes textured weaves that help the towel grip to your mat and provides comfort and softness. These towels are also ideal for travel as they are lightweight and thin enough to roll.

How Do I Choose the Best Yoga Towel?

Imagine practicing yoga in your living room. You’re nailing your poses, your mind is rested, and your yoga pants are making your butt look fantastic. Life is good. But it’s a hot day, your sweat glands are in overdrive, and it’s not long before you’ve slipped, fallen, and ended up in (a very unintentional) child’s pose in the middle of your mat. Sound familiar?

Keeping balance when practicing yoga is something some find harder than others, especially when taking part in hot yoga and you’re sweating enough for 5 people. This is where a yoga towel can be incredibly useful. A yoga towel is basically a towel that’s designed to fit over your yoga mat while exercising. It’s intended to stop you from slipping and falling when exercising and is particularly useful for those that take part in Bikram or Hot Yoga. Yoga towels work by using slip-resistant materials that keep your mat (and you) in place and allow you to perform more intense yoga moves without hesitation. They are also designed to dry quickly, meaning they won’t make your clothes or yoga bag damp either.

Yoga towels are also a great way to preserve your mat. They prevent your mat from absorbing all that sweat you’re producing (yum!) and stop mold and bacteria from forming too. Yoga towels are also a lot easier to clean than mats because they can be treated in your washing machine and tumble dryer. This means you won’t have to clean your mat as often or invest in mat cleaner products either; win-win! Yoga towels are also incredibly lightweight and can easily be stored in your exercise mat bag, which makes them ideal for travelling and outdoor purposes.

When it comes down to choosing the best yoga towel for you, there actually isn’t too much to it. They’re designed to suit a variety of yoga styles, as well as many other exercise purposes. This means that all their features are actually quite similar, with yoga towels varying more by price than anything else. This basically means that the more a towel costs the more features it’s likely to have. These days, yoga towels are also available in a huge range of colors and patterns so it’s probable that this will be the main factor behind your final decision.
Most yoga towels don’t differ too much in price. A standard yoga towel will cost you around $10-$30. This is going to depend on how many features the towel has, what it’s made from, and how many towels are included in the set. Some yoga towels are more costly, at about $70; these products tend to be more fashionable in design. Yoga towels can be even more expensive if they’re eco-friendly. Many yoga brands these days promote recycled products and environmentally friendly materials. Whilst this is great and the products are usually fantastic too, it can add cost to your product. Cheaper yoga towels are also available, coming in at under $10! These towels tend to be made from cheaper materials, however, and quite often aren’t machine-washable either.
Although it’s likely that you’re going to choose a yoga towel based more on the way it looks, there are still a few key things we recommend looking out for to ensure you find the ideal towel for your yoga practice.

Here are some important features to keep an eye out for:
  • Made from Microfiber Materials
  • Lightweight Design
  • Machine-Washable
  • Quick drying
  • Non-slip material
Construction and Design
The reason we suggest purchasing a towel made from microfiber materials is because they have tons of advantages. Firstly, microfiber fabrics have a larger surface area than a standard fiber, which provides more space for bold colors and patterns and why so many yoga towels come in such fantastic designs. Microfiber is also more cost-effective, meaning you will pay less for a towel made from these types of materials. Towels made from microfiber are also a lot less likely to wrinkle, can breathe more effectively, and tend to last longer too! Not only this, microfibers are water-resistant, making them a breeze to clean and simple to care for. Did we mention that they are super soft too?

Another thing we suggest looking out for is a towel that has a lightweight design. A lighter towel is easier to carry and can simply be folded and placed in your yoga bag along with your mat. It also makes the towel ideal for travelling when you’re short on space, and is easier to use in general, too.

Most yoga towels these days are machine-washable; there are, however, a sneaky few that aren’t, so you will definitely want to keep an eye out for those! The reason we suggest buying a towel with this feature is because yoga towels are renowned for getting a bit dirty and…well…smelly. Due to the fact they are designed to absorb sweat they will need to be cleaned relatively often. If your product is machine-washable it will make the whole process 10x easier.
Performance and Ease of Use
Like we mentioned before, most yoga towels are machine-washable and tumble dryer-friendly too! This means they’re super easy to care for and don’t require much upkeep at all. When it comes to washing your towel, simply put your machine on a low temperature and let it do its thing! Mat cleaner products also work wonders on yoga towels if you need a quick fix; we have reviews on these if you fancy having a look!

If you’re looking for a yoga towel that performs at the height of its game, then we suggest looking out for towels that have patented non-slip technology. Although all towels are designed to prevent you from slipping, some towels and brands work better than others. We suggest looking out for a towel that uses silicone pads as these seem to be the most effective.

Get the Best Yoga Towel of 2022!

So, by now we hope you’ve browsed through our products, found the best yoga towel for you, and are now scheduling your next hot yoga session. If this isn’t the case, don’t panic! Inhale…breathe. We have intentionally selected brands that have an extensive range of yoga towels on offer; simply browse through their other collections to find something that’s just right for you.

Our Top Choice
Aurorae Yoga Mat with Towel
Best Value
Fit Spirit Microfiber Yoga Towel
Manduka Yogitoes Yoga Towel
Yoga Design Lab Hot Yoga Towel
YogaRat Microfiber Yoga Towel