Best Yogurt Maker Reviews 2023

Yogurt is one of the healthiest, tastiest snacks, and making your own will ensure you save money on groceries, never run out, and have more fun in the kitchen. We have compiled some of the best reviewed yogurt maker brands on Amazon to help you choose one that suits your needs and those of your family. Take a look at our top 5 yogurt makers, but, if you don’t find the ideal one for you, don’t forget to check out what else these reputable brands have to offer.
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Our Top Choice
Euro Cuisine Yogurt Maker
Euro Cuisine has nothing but attractive, appealing appliances and machines, especially their Euro Cuisine Yogurt Maker, which makes both regular and Greek yogurt.
Three-year warranty. Makes both regular and Greek yogurt as well as cheese in 6 to 8 hours. Includes a timer and a filter bag for easy Greek yogurt or cheese production.
Issues with the needed temperature reported. Batches have failed.
Yogurt / Greek yogurt / cheese
2 quarts yogurt
Glass, BPA free
7.5 x 7.5 x 10.5” / 4 pounds
Best Value
Vonshef Digital Yogurt Maker
Vonshef is a great brand for kitchen appliances when on a budget, which is why we’ve chosen the Vonshef Digital Yogurt Maker for our best value spot.
One-year warranty. Experiment with thickness. Budget buy. Energy efficient. Small size, only 9” total in diameter.
Issues with the machine overheating on its own. Mileage can vary for the temperature range. Not compatible with 240v. No timer.
Different yogurt flavors
1.22 quarts yogurt
Stainless steel
6.6 x 10.8 x 11.4” / 5 pounds
Cuisinart Electronic Yogurt Maker
Cuisinart is one of the most popular and renowned brands when it comes to kitchen appliances. While the Cuisinart Electric Yogurt Maker is a pricey one, it’s definitely worth it for the design and features.
Three-year warranty. Large capacity. Electric push-to-start design and functions.
No replacement parts if there is a problem. Defective machines have been reported.
Different yogurt flavors
1.5 quarts yogurt
Stainless steel
9.8 x 7.1 x 9.9” / 7 pounds
Dash Greek Yogurt Maker
Dash has won a spot in our review for being the best Greek yogurt maker we’ve seen thus far.
One-year manufacturer warranty. All components are made from BPA free plastic. Easy stacking storage capability. Interior can be moved to fridge without jostling.
Has been called a “labor intensive” path to great Greek yogurt, lacking simplicity with the process.
Greek / regular yogurt
2 quarts yogurt
BPA free
7.1 x 7.1 x 9.5” / 2.4 pounds
Oster Mykonos Yogurt Maker
Oster, another giant in the kitchen appliance industry has once again put out an extraordinary product, this time it’s a yogurt maker!
Lightweight at 4.8 pounds. Makes regular and Greek yogurt. Can use any type of milk imaginable. Components can be packed and stored neatly inside the unit. Two quart sizes.
No automatic shut off timer. Incorrect leaflet that acts as a basic instruction manual. No clear instruction to leave the lids on or off.
Greek / regular yogurt
2 sizes: 1 or 2 quarts yogurt
Glass, plastic
6.5 x 13.2 x 11.5” / 4.8 pounds

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What is the Best Yogurt Maker?

Yogurt makers may seem like simple machines, but there are factors that go into the overall quality of each machine. While buying yogurt from the supermarket or farmers market are certainly reasonable options, making it at home saves more money than you think. When selecting the best yogurt maker, think about what you’re looking for in terms of capacity and general functions. Can it make regular and Greek yogurt, or perhaps even cheese?
Our Top Choice
The Euro Cuisine Yogurt Maker is the best way to make regular and Greek yogurt in a short amount of time - you can even make cheese! Euro Cuisine has a fantastic line of simple and advanced yogurt makers, so if you’re looking for something more simplistic, we recommend the YM80 Yogurt Maker, which makes up to 7 delicious flavors.

Euro Cuisine Yogurt and Greek Yogurt Maker - Available in Red or Green


Euro Cuisine is one of the best known brands for kitchen appliances out there, especially on Amazon, so it’s no wonder that the Euro Cuisine Yogurt Maker was selected for our top choice product and brand.

The Euro Cuisine Yogurt Maker has so many features and included aspects that we just had to include it in our review. They bring everything one would need to make yogurt, Greek yogurt, and even cheese to the table, with extras!

Here are the features that one can take advantage of with a Euro Cuisine Yogurt Maker:

  • Makes up to 2 quarts of regular yogurt, Greek yogurt, or cheese at one time
  • Side timer will let you know when your yogurt is ready
  • Comes with an instruction manual that is both in English and French
  • Includes 1 cotton bag for Greek yogurt and cheese, 1 stainless steel thermometer, and 1 2QT glass jar with lid
  • Can be used with any type of milk, even soy

Though the features are simple ones, they are what make this yogurt maker so wonderful to have.

Best Value
Vonshef has literally done it all when it comes to producing quality-built nifty kitchen appliances, including the Vonshef Yogurt Maker. They have products that suit all needs, wants, and especially budget ranges, which is why we highly recommend their Dessert Maker and Blender Machine.

Vonshef Electric Digital Yogurt Maker with 7 Yogurt Jars


Vonshef is a brand that knows simplicity can only go so far, so they incorporate both interesting and useful features that create the perfect product for all types of consumers.

Here are the features that one can take advantage of with a Vonshef Digital Yogurt Maker:

  • 15W energy efficiency
  • Stainless steel housing
  • Digital controls for added simplicity
  • Able to experiment with making yogurt as thick or as thin as you please
  • Comes with 7 jars for storage
  • Weighs 5 pounds and is only 9” in diameter to ensure that it needs as little counter space as possible
  • Includes different time ranges for the type of milk used (for example, skim milk takes 12 hours)

With a compact weight and size, neat features, and a simple design, this yogurt maker speaks for itself.

Cuisinart is a fabulous brand to choose for your kitchen appliances. From coffee makers to toaster ovens and everything in between, Cuisinart has done it all. If you’re looking for a different appliance that still caters to yogurt, we highly recommend checking out their Frozen Yogurt, Ice Cream & Sorbet Maker.

Cuisinart Electronic Yogurt Maker with Automatic Cooling, 3.12lb Jar Capacity (1.5L)


Cuisinart is a highly successful brand on Amazon, Sears, you name it. They bring a quantity of quality features to the table when it comes to their products. Jammed full of great features, this Cuisinart Electronic Yogurt Maker really packs a punch.

Here are the perks that one can take advantage of with a Cuisinart Electronic Yogurt Maker:

  • Built-in cooling system that automatically shifts for the perfect cooling temperature once the fermentation is complete
  • Digital time display for counting processing time
  • Easy Operation feature for starting and finishing the process with only one button
  • Sleek appearance to ensure it fits with all types of decor
  • Large container - approximately 50 ounces - ensuring mass yogurt production each time
  • Time controls and settings that are specific and easy to set for a recommended fermenting time based on your recipe

With these supreme features, the price tag is well worth the investment.

Dash is one of the cutest yogurt makers we’ve ever seen and is definitely our top choice when it comes to a machine that makes Greek yogurt. Dash has products that work with everyone’s needs, so we highly recommend the Bulk Yogurt Maker if you are looking to make both regular and Greek yogurt or more at the same time.

Dash Greek Yogurt Maker - Available in Blue, Pink or White/Blue


While Dash is a more basic kitchen appliance brand that does not have anything too flashy in terms of features, those they do have are the useful ones. Moreover, it is specifically designed to manufacture excellent Greek yogurt.

Here are the features that one can take advantage of with a Dash Greek Yogurt Maker:

  • Custom timer
  • LCD display
  • All components are dishwasher safe
  • Hidden storage for the cord
  • Includes two buckets, 1.5 quart each, lids, and Greek yogurt strainer
  • Auto shutoff

As we’ve stated, Dash is a simple brand with simple products, but this Greek yogurt maker is quite exceptional.

Whether you’re looking for a blender, accessories for your kitchen, or even a new recipe to try out, Oster has it. We love the Oster Mykonos Greek Yogurt Maker, and we also highly recommend the Ice Cream, Frozen Yogurt, & Sorbet Maker for a different take on snacks and desserts.

Oster Mykonos Greek Yogurt Maker - Available in Manual or Digital & 1 Quart or 2 Quart Capacity


Like we said before, Oster is a kitchen guru, so we simply had to put the Oster Mykonos in our review as one of the top 5 yogurt makers. While the features are few, the quality of this yogurt maker is plentiful.

Here are the features that one can take advantage of with a Oster Mykonos Greek Yogurt Maker:

  • Greek strainer and other containers are easily stored inside the unit for simplicity and storage capability
  • Able to make personal sized portions at will
  • Is operated manually
  • Works with any type of milk imaginable

While the Oster has less features than any other reviewed yogurt maker on our list, it makes up for it in supreme quality.

How Do I Choose the Best Yogurt Maker?

It’s true what they say, breakfast really is the most important meal of the day! You should have something substantial enough to fuel you for a busy morning but not something that will make you bloated and lethargic. Perhaps you usually use your breakfast sandwich maker to rustle up some brekkie. Or, you might be more of a pancake kinda gal. If you’re trying to be a bit healthier, however, you might want to consider whipping up a morning smoothie packed with fresh fruit and maybe even some yogurt!

Have you noticed that yogurt takes up the majority of space in the dairy aisle of most grocery stores? It is becoming increasingly difficult to find more classic dairy items such as sour cream and cottage cheese amid the many yogurt flavors. This is to be expected considering the many health benefits acquired from incorporating yogurt into your diet. Yogurt is a source of “good” bacteria; it tastes delicious, and works with many diet plans.

Due to yogurt’s high demand, prices have steeply increased. Depending on preference, with options such as low-fat, organic, fat-free, natural, Greek, or gluten-free yogurt, the price per month spent on enjoying dairy treats can seem excessive. Making your own yogurt will cut your spending in half, allowing your family consistently fresh, delicious yogurt; just the way they like it, with no preservatives or additives.

If you love creamy yogurt, you can’t go wrong with a quality yogurt maker that can be used in the comfort of your home. To begin, all you need is milk and a yogurt starter. Fill a container with milk and yogurt culture, then put the mixture in a box, making sure that the box is well insulated and cool. Plug in the machine and wait for the bacteria do its job. For lactose-free yogurt, let the mixture ferment for 24 hours.

To achieve the desired quality, thickness, and consistency of your yogurt, a high-quality yogurt maker is required. How do you choose the best one when there are so many on the market? One important thing to consider is whether you will be making your yogurt in large batches or in individual jars. Large batches make sense if you intend to strain the yogurt, while individual jars are excellent for ready-to-eat servings.

Let’s look at the factors to consider when shopping for the best yogurt maker. Then, we can jump straight to our picks.


The prices of yogurt makers vary, depending on the amount of assistance provided when making the yogurt. The price range for our picks is between around $30 and $300. The budget-priced models offer a stable, temperature-controlled atmosphere for fermentation, but you will be largely responsible for the preparation and storage work. The mid-range models provide improved timing devices as well as a water bath, but you will still be required to transfer the end-product for cold storage. The luxury yogurt maker provides exclusive temperature control and an independent refrigeration unit, eliminating the need to transfer the final product to cold storage.

While you may find cheap yogurt makers on the market that promise to give you the same results as expensive alternatives, it is good to be careful with them as they may not be durable or provide desired features.


Here are the features to look out for when buying a yogurt maker:


    Yogurt makers can be classified as electrical and non-electrical. Electrical yogurt makers come with built-in timers that notify you when the yogurt is ready. Most of them also have translucent lids so you can view the fermentation process. Non-electrical yogurt makers, on the other hand, utilize hot water to warm up the milk used for fermentation.


    The capacity of a yogurt maker varies, but only a small amount. You will probably only find yogurt makers for home use with capacities between 1 and 2 quarts. For large quantities of yogurt, a special model may be required.

Temperature Control

    When preparing yogurt, temperature plays a crucial role to ensure that live cultures do not die and the yogurt comes out thick and tasty. Make sure you buy a yogurt maker that has precise temperature controls and accurate timing.

Timer / Automatic

    When making yogurt, the fermentation process takes between 5 to 24 hours. Choose a yogurt maker with a timer and automatic shut off if possible,.


    Use glass pots in small serving sizes. Glass does not have toxic chemicals such as phthalates or BPA, which can be found in some plastics. If you are unable to find a yogurt maker featuring glass pots, you can substitute with glass jars that fit well in your yogurt maker.
Construction and Design

When shopping for the best yogurt maker, make sure you go for a product that suits your needs. While some advanced machines are designed to churn large batches of yogurt, other yogurt makers come with smaller jars that can produce individual portions and allow for different flavors. Go for a 1 quart yogurt maker if it’s just for you or a 1.5 or 2 quart capacity would be ideal for a couple or small family. Additional features such as a thermometer, recipe book, or cheese straining bag are recommended.

Performance and Ease of Use

The best yogurt maker is one that is simple and easy to use. Beware of yogurt makers that look sleek and stylish, but dominate kitchen space and are too complicated to operate. The machine should be easy to clean and guarantee long-term service. The best yogurt makers can also make scrumptious ice creams and sorbets!

Get the Best Yogurt Maker of 2023!

If you’re someone who clips coupons or is looking to save money on your favorite treat, our review on the “Top 5 Picks for Yogurt Makers” is the best place to start. We hope we have helped you choose the best yogurt maker to match your needs, budget, and preferences. However, you don’t have to take our word for it. Feel free to browse through these trusted brands and find yourself a machine to ensure you never run out of delicious, healthy yogurt.

Our Top Choice
Euro Cuisine Yogurt Maker
Best Value
Vonshef Digital Yogurt Maker
Cuisinart Electronic Yogurt Maker
Dash Greek Yogurt Maker
Oster Mykonos Yogurt Maker

Yogurt Maker FAQs

How does a yogurt maker work?
A yogurt maker works by creating a conducive environment for fermentation to take place. Once it reaches a temperature of 110 to 115 degrees Fahrenheit, it holds stead for eight hours or so. You can set a timer to determine how long the fermentation should go on. Most models of yogurt makers automatically switch to the cooling mode when the fermentation is over.
How to use a yogurt maker?
To use a yogurt maker, first, turn it on. Then, program the length of time you want it to incubate the yogurt. You can choose 7 hours for whole-milk yogurt, 9 hours for 2 per cent yogurt, or 10 hours for skim-milk yogurt. Leave the machine to stand still during the entire yogurt incubation period. Tampering with it could prevent the process from completing successfully.
How to make Greek yogurt in a yogurt maker?
To make Greek yogurt in a yogurt maker, you should heat the milk to 185 degrees Fahrenheit or 85 degrees Celsius. At that temperature, it is possible to achieve a thick yogurt with a nice texture. Cool the milk to 110 degrees Fahrenheit or 43 degrees Celsius. Add half a cup of milk into the base yogurt. Place the container in a yogurt maker and wait for at least 7 hours. Line cheesecloth over a mesh sieve and place it over a bowel. Pour the yogurt through and put it in the fridge. Please wait until it attains the desired thickness and eat it.
Where to buy a yogurt maker?
The best place to buy a yogurt maker is online. Several online stores have high-quality appliances, and you can trust the yogurt maker you buy from them. If anything, past users leave reliable reviews that can guide you to make a right buying decision. If you want to buy a yogurt maker, we have reviewed some of the best.