Best Zipline Kit Reviews 2023

Nobody hates feeling like they’re on top of the world, and kids are no exception. By having a zipline in your backyard, your kids (and even you) will enjoy a hair-rising thrill that can be compared to no other. Getting the ideal kit that’s safe and well-built may be overwhelming and challenging. We’ve taken up the task and brought you 5 products from some of the best zipline kit brands in the industry that are sure to make you smile.
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Trolley Type
Rider age
Our Top Choice
Alien Flier Portable Zipline Kit
Alien Flier was started in 2010 to provide the market with safe, backyard ziplines and slack lines.
Pop N’ Snap ring for easy removal and placement; 100-ft cable; 250 lb weight limit
Accommodates trees six feet and under
Green and Black
100 Feet
250 Pounds
Disc Seat
Ages 6+
Best Value
Adventure Parks Zipline Kit Deluxe
For over 40 years, Adventure Parks has transformed backyards into fun zones with a wide range of award-winning products.
Easy-to-grip handles; four pulleys; ages 8 and up; 225 lb weight limit; available with 40, 70, and 90-foot cables.
Designed for young kids
Green and Black
70 Feet
225 Pounds
Free hanging
Ages 8+
Zipline Gear Rogue Series Zipline Kit
Since 2005, Zipline Gear has risen to be among the world’s largest providers of ziplining information as well as high-quality ziplining products.
Braking system to gently slow you down; max. weight 350 lbs.; 1-year warranty included
Need minimum 500 feet of clearance
Black and Silver
500 Feet
350 Pounds
Ages 8+
Ripline 80 Feet Epic Zipline Kit
Ripline believes in giving your kids the greatest outdoor experience possible through a wide range of fun, engaging, kid-friendly products.
30 minutes to install; 80-foot line; 200 lbs. weight limit
Two person assembly
Blue and Black
80 Feet
200 Pounds
Disc Seat
Ages 8+
Slackers 40’ Zipline Falcon Kit
Founded by a Colorado native in 2011, Slackers has sought to ensure that your family has an incredible recreational time outdoors.
40-foot adjustable cable; 200 lbs. weight limit; weather-resistant; impact-resistant
Have to re-tighten cable whenever you adjust it.
Yellow and Black
40 Feet
200 Pounds
Disc Seat
Ages 8+

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What is the Best Zipline Kit?

So far, you know that safety features and a good braking system are some of the things you need to keep in mind as you shop for a zipline kit. Here are some more pointers that’ll help you get the best zipline kit out there.
Our Top Choice
Alien Flier’s Portable X2-R100 Zipline Kit comes in a sleek, fast design with all the necessary safety features, like nylon harnesses and a safety lock that secures the trolley handle in place. Do you prefer a zipline kit with a harness seat? Then you’ll be impressed by the Alien Flier X2 H Zipline Trolley Kit that easily comes on and off the line.

Alien Flier Portable Zipline Kit with 100 Foot Cable

Seven years ago, Alien Flier decided that it was time for a zipline system that wouldn’t require a PhD to set up in your backyard. Consequently, they gave the world an easy-to-use zipline kit and have not looked back since. Their products are highly praised because they’re not only safe, but also bring a lot of fun to zip lining. Apart from providing you with amazing zipline kits, they also have slack lines as well as zipliningparts.

The Alien Flier X2-R100 Zipline Kit comes with a 100-foot cable and has all the necessary safety features in an easy pop-up design. You’ll be amazed by its sleek, fast construction!

Here are some features that’ll make you “ooh” and “ahh” over this kit!
  • The zipliner’s speed control system lasts a number of runs when triggered
  • Comes with an easy-to-change pad
  • Can accommodate rides with a weight of up to 250 pounds
  • Boasts of a signature Pop N’ Snap disc seat
  • The trolley’s EZUp cable system is portable and durable
  • Includes a safety block as well as a shock cord
  • The parts are made of lightweight aluminum
  • The tree slings are built to last and have a safety nylon ratchet
Best Value
The Adventure Parks Fun Ride Zipline Kit gives priority to safety! The trolley is enclosed totally, and the handles drop down so fingers are kept safely away from the zipline cord. Do you prefer a zipline with a longer cable? Then you’ll be glad to know that the Zipline Fun ZL90 Ride On comes with a 90’ galvanized cable, giving you a longer ride.

Adventure Parks Fun Ride Zipline – Available in Deluxe or Original

Adventure Parks provides you with high-quality products that allow your kids to have incredible fun right in your backyard. With a wide range of items, such as zipliners, air swings and air surfers, Adventure Parks has won the hearts of many, and is a trusted name by both parents and kids when it comes to outdoor playtime.

The Adventure Parks ZL70 Zipline Kit is built with safety in mind and comes with drop-style handles that allow your child to easily release the zipline without hurting their fingers. The 70-foot cable is perfect for kids because it’s a fairly short distance from end-to-end. Anyone 8 and older, and anyone under the 225 lb weight limit, will fall in love with this zipline system. The best part is that it’s easy to assemble, so you can spend less time setting up and more time having fun!
The Zipline Gear Rogue Series Zipline Kit features a stainless-steel trolley that has rubber handles so you can easily grip it. The included safety harness lets you hang securely in the air as you grip the handles and smoothly slide down the 500-foot galvanized cord. Are you looking for a zipline kit with a shorter cable? Then the 150’ Chetco Zipline Kit with Drifter Seat is your perfect choice.

Zipline Gear 500’ Rogue Zipline Kit with Stainless Steel Cable

Zipline Gear focuses on allowing people of all ages to enjoy the thrill that comes with ziplining. Their commitment to selling high-quality gear has made them gain strong relationships with fellow industry leaders. Apart from zipliner kits, they also stock a wide range of gear such as brakes, carabiners, lanyards and installation tools.

The Zipline Gear Rogue Series Zipline Kit has the easily removable signature ROGUE trolley as its centre piece. The stainless steel trolley is an excellent choice due to its durability and functionality. The 500-foot cable makes this zipline ideal for the zipline enthusiast, hardcore thrill-seeker or very brave child in your life!

The following features are included in this amazing kit:
  • A bungee braking system that brings you to a gradual stop
  • The side plates and wheels are made of durable stainless steel
  • Includes straight handle bars made of rubber for better grip
  • Has a 2 ft lanyard that connects the harness to the trolley
  • The zipline harness has a one-size-fits-all design
  • Comes with two, 8-inch cable slings for anchoring the zipline
  • Has two wheel bearings for a smooth, fast ride
  • Steel-locking carabiners
  • Holds a maximum weight of 350 pounds.
  • Includes a one year warranty from the manufacturer
The Ripline Epic Zipline Kit has a seat that gives your child added comfort. For kids who are a little scared to go on the zipline, the seat provides them with some support underneath so they don’t feel like they’re just flying through the air. Do you prefer a zipline that’s geared more toward little kids? We think Ripline’s Epic Series - 50' Zipline with Seat will be a perfect fit!

Ripline 80 Feet Zipline With Seat in Blue

Ripline believe that investing in a zipline kit is one of the most amazing gifts you can give your children. Their kits have won the hearts of daredevils around the world due to how easy and fast they are to set up. Their products receive four- and five-star reviews because of their amazingly smooth and fluid functionality!

The Ripline 80 Feet Epic Zipline Kit includes a 75-foot main cable with an extra 5-foot foot sling cable to give you a comfortable, quick ride from one tree to another.

Some other features to look out for with this kit are…
  • Accommodates a maximum weight of 200 pounds
  • Turn buckle has nuts and bolts
  • Trolley has a seat for better comfort
  • Easy set up time of about 30 minutes
  • The ball bearings are sealed to maximize strength
  • Non-slip handles for better grip
  • Suitable for kids 7 and over
The Slackers 40’ Zipline Falcon Kit comes with a steel trolley as well as a trolley seat, and it has sealed ball bearings to enhance speed. Do you prefer a simpler design with a longer cable? Then you’ll love the 90' Hawk Series Zipline Kit!

Slackers 40’ Falcon Series Zipline Kit With Seat in Yellow

Slackers is a worldwide brand known for providing elite products tailored to folks who love extreme backyard adventures. With their slack lines, ziplines and water slides, Slackers has won the hearts of their customers, who highly praise their products. But if you don’t trust that, then take a look at the 2014 Astra Toy of the Year Award, and you’ll find that Slackers’ Balance Box Slackline System was the champion.

Their 40’ Zipline Falcon Kit comes with a durable steel trolley that has a seat attached at the bottom. While the seat is great for shorter kids or riders who are a little nervous about heights, you can also remove it for taller children or for those that want the ride to be a little more intense.

You’ll love that you can adjust the height of the zipline and that the parts are weather- and impact-resistant. Although this zipline is only 40 feet long, it’s perfect for kids who’re 8-year old and up, and for kids who weigh under 200 pounds. Set-up is pretty easy and fast, so as soon as it’s delivered, you can be outside and having fun in no time!

How Do I Choose the Best Zipline Kit?

Kids will do crazy stuff when they’re bored! How many times did you do something you weren’t supposed to do only because you were bored, curious or just wanted something to do? Don’t let your kid fall into this trap, too, or you’ll be snipping gum out of their little sibling’s hair, or trying to remove “artwork” from around the house (and it’s even on the family dog!).

Just as necessary as a kid’s pool is in your backyard, so is a zipline system. Getting a zipline kit will ensure that your kids enjoy their recreational time in a healthy and fun way. Once they outgrow their tricycle, but aren’t quite ready for a “big kid” bike, a zipline is just the thing to teach them all about having fun—safely! Don’t wait for your child to grow into a two-wheeler to bond with them! Double up on your parent-child experiences by helping them set up and learn how to zipline like a pro!

The best zipline kit should have safety as its number one priority. As such, you should look for ziplines with handles that offer a good grip, and trollies that have a harness or seat attached. Another key consideration is the construction of the trolley, which should be solidly built.

While you’re shopping, you may also want to consider purchasing a kids teepee for your children to relax in after a day of ziplining!
You must be wondering how much it’ll cost you to add this unique outdoor product to your backyard. Well, the price of zipline kits varies from as low as $45 to super high-end systems that can cost up to $800. The difference in the pricing of these kits varies due to the length of the cable, and the type of handle and trolley system the kit has.

Since zipline kits tend to be fairly inexpensive, you shouldn’t have trouble finding one within your budget! To help you find a happy medium between “wallet’s happy” and “kid’s happy,” we’ve selected both cheap zipline kits as well as expensive ones to give you the best array of options!

Let’s take a look at some of the features you’ll want to keep an eye out for as you shop around.
So, what are the important features to look for when buying a zipline kit? We recommend considering…
  • Design - The design may have either a harness to secure the rider or a disc seat for them to sit on instead.
  • Size - How long do you need the cable to be? Do you have the space between trees (or two very sturdy objects) to install the zipline system? Just remember that, generally speaking, the shorter the cable, the closer the rider will be to the ground.
  • Weight - What’s the maximum weight that the zipline can accommodate? What weight do you need your zipline to accommodate? Kits can support as low as 125 pounds while others can support up to 350 pounds. Generally, you’ll find kits for kids that can hold around 200-250 pounds.
  • Set-up - How long does it take to assemble and install? The shorter and less complicated the assembly is, the better for your super excited kids!
  • Recommended age - Most recommend 8 years and older, but some kits recommend 5 years and older. Regardless of age, always supervise your kids to ensure they’re maintaining the best safety habits and procedures!
Construction and Design
Most designs incorporate similar parts such as the trolley, buckle, a bungee brake system, disc seat, u-clamps and a cable. Some of the trolleys are made of polymer while others are made of durable stainless steel. The trolley may have sealed ball bearings, which maximizes speed and gives you countless hours of ziplining fun.

Cable length will vary, depending on the type of kit you’re buying and whether or not it’s made specifically for kids. You can find cable lengths as short as 35 to 40 feet for little kids, and lengths of 70-90 feet for older kids. For real thrill-seekers, you can find cables that are up to 500 feet long, so buckle up for long, exhilarating ride!

Safety is critical when using a zipline. The larger the cable, the more safety features it’s likely to have, like a harness or braking system. However, we recommend looking at kits with disc seats or rubber handles so your kids can feel as safe and secure as possible as they’re flying down their backyard zipline.
Performance and Ease of Use
Setting up a zipline isn’t as difficult as some may think! Depending on the brand, the set-up time may vary from 30 minutes to the whole day. If you’ve got excited kids, you should try to go for a zipline kit that’s quick and easy to set up. Less time installing means more time bonding and having fun!

Ziplines are easy to use, and you can play around with the length of the zipline to alter the ride distance. A zipline kit will perform better when the rider can enjoy a smooth ride with a consistent speed that gradually reduces as they come to the end.

Get the Best Zipline Kit of 2023!

Now that you’ve made it to the end of this review, we hope that you’re better informed and have even zeroed in on a particular product that you’ll add to your cart the next time you go shopping. If that’s not the case, check out more zipline kits from our suggested brands. You’re sure to find something!

Our Top Choice
Alien Flier Portable Zipline Kit
Best Value
Adventure Parks Zipline Kit Deluxe
Zipline Gear Rogue Series Zipline Kit
Ripline 80 Feet Epic Zipline Kit
Slackers 40’ Zipline Falcon Kit